warrior or dk 5.2 pvp

Death Knight
I will be re-pursuing pvp on my warrior or dk.. taking a little break from pve (this char)..

going into 5.2.. I will be playing with my friend who is a holy paladin..

should i continue with my dk or warrior?

how significant is the warrior nerfs for 5.2?

are dks still CC less glass cannons? or will they be better?

which would you recommend going into 5.2 for pvp? (R/BGs, maybe some arenas
if you like doing damage in rbgs go frost DK, unholy for arenas. If you like to FC in RBGs go warrior, if you want to Arena go arms warrior. Which one is better? Not sure for 5.2 I haven't tested them out in the PTR but as of now warrior>DK for arenas.
what if i wanna pwn and kill stuff in bgs and arenas? more so bgs?
If you have a passion for bgs go with DKs just make sure you have a pocket healer lol.
arathi basin is just so fun :p

How are warriors compared to dks in BGs?

is the lack of CC (hamstring, stuns etc) of the DK made up for in terms of dmg/burst/killing power? or not so much?

if comparing a t2 warrior vs a t2 dk in arathi basin or another bg?
I have tested both classes and I have to say that arms warrior is heaps fun and more consistent in bgs. That being said warriors are getting a big nerf next patch to shockwave and def stance so I am not sure what warriors are going to do after that...maybe dragons roar?? I'm not sure. Still I go for warrior.
I think unholy DKs might be deadly next patch.

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