Rogues on the PTR are flat out broken

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He mentioned prep, retard. And we're all aware of what it does.

Disgusting reason for a disgusting point.

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01/24/2013 04:37 PMPosted by Bubgrib
Tell you one thing. When this hunter hits 90 and gets pvp gear, I am basically targetting rogues in pvp over anything else. I even see one or hear the stealth noise I'm dropping what I'm doing and trying to kill that rogue.

Troll or 12 years old? That sounded so juvenile. You are juvenile or super troll. Which?
Rogues are so ridiculous on the PTR that it's not even worth testing anymore. I was talking to a gladiator mage last night on the PTR that I did some 3s game with this weekend. It's impossible to peel them off a caster. They have more uptime then warriors or ferals do on live, and their openers are beyond ridiculous.

The problem is even during the 3-4 seconds you have to get them off you they seem to be doing incredible amounts of range damage.

Double cloak from prep, on top of a lowered vanish cooldown from the previous patch, on top of shadowstep, and retardo opening burst has push them back to season 11 status. They don't have the same survival but it doesn't matter when they can pretty much keep a caster from being able to do anything, and can kill anyone lacking a flat out immunity cooldown in the opener.

This season is going to be terrible.

All of these complaints are pretty hilarious. The whining about cloak being on prep is probably the best. Mages have two ice blocks and a heal on cold snap now. Hunters have double deterrence but god forbid the easiest class to kill in the game have a second cloak.

Also, what is this ridiculous opener damage you're talking about? Are you sitting everything while the rogue pops his two offensives(shadow dance&shadow blades)? Shadow blades is on a 3min cd, if you're not smart enough to save defensive cds for it or coordinate with your team to stop it then that's a l2p issue.

Rogues have so many finishers to juggle now and a lot of prep work for awful damage outside from shadow dance...and even when shadow dancing everyone else still hits harder unless you're popping shadow blades with shadow dance. Warriors, hunters, mages, shadow priests, ferals will still do a lot more damage to you when they pop their offensives.

A lot of these ignorant posts are from players that have never played arena at a high level and are upset that it will be a little bit harder to tunnel the rogue to victory.
And *gasp* Rogues deal damage during their highest cooldown cooldown that lasts 8 seconds and requires someone to prepare for it? I know it can be hard to see, but a rogue
who is pooling their energy (the PvP set bonus change is huge here) is most likely about to burst SOMEONE. Don't peel them while they pool energy. Wait for them to either start dancing or burning energy. If they don't dance, and they don't burn energy, they're not being very scary.

The fact that you can Cloak during this massive offensive cooldown and be literally unpeelable by casters. You don't view this as a problem? Of course I can predict when a rogue is going to burst if they haven't had a good opener, it's bloody predictable. With prep baseline it makes it ridiculously easy to cheese mechanics by having CoS available on demand regardless if it has been forced earlier, giving you the ability to be unpeelable during burst. Smoke bomb is fine, that's a tactical choice with a bit of decision making involved and although cloaking during dance involves some decision making it involves about as much decision making as deciding whether or not they're even ABLE to peel you during that time. If they are? Cloak and whoo, burst away! It's retarded and it isn't fair and although I'll probably get railed for mentioning fairness? How about the line of argument that you're using something for defensive purposes offensively, with no chance of recourse.

Yet I have a solution;

Shorten the cooldown on Cloak of Shadows to a minute or so.

Make it last two or three seconds at most, so restealths can be achieved without the need for a dispel solely for the point of a restealth and it cannot be used offensively.

Take it off prep, so you can't cheese it during a dance to make yourself unpeelable OR use it offensively with little chance of recourse from opposing non-melee players.

01/24/2013 04:49 PMPosted by Diskoh
Mages have two ice blocks and a heal on cold snap now. Hunters have double deterrence but god forbid the easiest class to kill in the game have a second cloak.

If that mage kept pumping out damage whilst he were in a block I'd complain, it's a defensive ability which has the potential to be used to regain momentum (through blocking a CC) but you can't stand there and mash damage whilst icy veins is up, immune. Hunters also lose access to their nonpet abilities (which should be changed to all damaging abilities) whilst in deterrence. Do you lose anything when you cloak? Nope, cloak goes on cooldown and you can mongo away like a retard. Grow up, seriously.
QQ threads about rogues already, gotta get me some popcorn.
I havent read everything thats been written here so far,only the first page...

But to me the bigger issues with rogues right now on the PTR are:

Shuriken toss that applies poisons and stuff on top of giving combo points and doing really good damage from range.(its already a very good skill on live,i see no point on the ptr buffs)

Burst of Speed that right now costs only 30 energy and not only removes slows but makes u immune to them for 4 seconds after and provides a 70% speed increase...i mean really...this gotta be a joke right?

Rogues have now increased mobility and a powerful ranged skill on top of their already strong toolkit.

True if u get a rogue stunned and without absolutely anything,u can hurt u can hurt anyclass on the game...that excuse is just horrible,no offense to those that use it.

i think those are the major issues,but there is surely more to look into.

On a side note id like to add that i have absolutely no faith that our concerns will be addressed but i will still try to give my 2 cents,after all why not...
To be fair rogues where only good S11 due to legendaries. Cata daggers they were fairly manageable.
Frost mages have god like control now compared to everyone else.

See what I did there? I made a comment with nothing to back it up, and sounded like a total w#nker whilst doing it! Great job, your posts give me cancer mate....

Perhaps you can explain to the unwashed masses how exactly rogue control is currently god like?

Your sarcasm is duly noted. Should I even have to explain to a rogue what all of your CCs are? You lack AoE CC, but that doesn't mean all your single target becomes worthless.

My statement of a rogue having god-like CC is an opinion, and there is no statistical proof, merely anecdotal evidence and peer situations where you could see it.

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