Rogues on the PTR are flat out broken

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As a Rogue on live, I enjoy the challenge of fighting as an underdog class with the stun control that Rogue's provide. I'm quite sad that FOTM players will be rolling Rogue next patch because we will see many of them around again which causes people to complain about our 'OPness'. I enjoy the challenge playing a rogue now, as it takes good skill to take on class in PvP at the moment.
Personally I believe that ST should just build CP on the target and not deal any damage to the opponent. That way, a Rogue can't just spam it on casters like many have been doing who have just hit level 90.

I played this Rogue in Cata and fought opponents without Shadow Dance. They should keep Rogues the way they are on Live and just implement the new talents for 5.2. That way, the skill cap required is still pretty high up there.

well said...pretty much y i hate playing warrior now...really enjoyed it in cata

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