Blessed Immortal LF 2 heals

We are a relatively new guild on Lightbringer but the guild leadership began playing together at the beginning of cata. A good chunk of that team has moved to lightbringer with us after our old server just kind of died off.

Some members work nights, others days, which is what led to our team taking a break from raiding during DS. Hence we concluded to become a weekend raiding guild here. Raid times will generally be 6PM server Sat/Sun until we finish or people have had enough. Sunday will never go past 9PM as many have to work early the next day.

This is a casual raiding group but a capable one. There will be no yelling, and no one getting upset bc something doesn't go right. We expect raiders to follow directions, and know their class, but we also don't mind helping new people learn the ropes.

Achievement runs for old raids are held weekly, and dungeon/scenario spam throughout the week is common. This is a relatively close knot group, everyone is mellow and just wants to enjoy the game. If you think this might be what you're looking for whisper anyone in guild.

All are welcome but currently 2 core spots are open for heals.

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