short and sweet: LF non-dk tank or healer

3/16H 16/16 Normal

its pretty simple need a heroic ready tank or we can switch around some and a Holy Pally would fit nicely

Raid Schedule: Wen/Thurs/Mon 8:15-11:00 pm server time/Eastern Standard time

Contact: Cheekymunkey, Bargoth or Ghonzo; if you find one of us in actually not online a message their gets to us pretty timely.
Any good tanks out there??¿¿
Well, I'm looking for a guild, but Horde side doesn't seem to have too many options for a tank. I know my class, but I wouldn't consider myself Heroic ready gear wise. Haven't been able to do any raiding other than Raid Finder. What exactly are you guys looking for?
We are looking for a steady and stable tank that can adjust things on the fly, and doesnt just blow all their cds in 1 spot and knows when to use their raid cd and all that fun stuff

Please feel free to add me to at Bargoth#1552
Why in the world would you want a non-dk tank? That's like saying "I dont want free money.".

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