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My question is at what % of dodge and parry do i want to start going to in mastery.
Right now with might/kings i have 10.38 dodge 22.45 parry 30.88 mastery
Any input would be every helpful thank you
You want to reforge out of Dodge and Parry ratings wherever possible. They're helpful, but not particularly good. 7.5% hit and 15% expertise are must-haves for tanking raid bosses, and after that you have your choice of Haste, Mastery, and Stamina. Personally I'd go for Haste in most cases since it also has a nice effect on your damage output, but they're all viable.
edit: I should probably explain a bit. We're not terribly reliant on filling up the combat table anymore, instead we're extremely reliant on Shield of the Righteous's damage reduction. It's an extremely powerful AM ability, and being able to use it reliably is really key, which is why we hard hit/exp cap.

Haste increases your Holy Power generation, which means more frequent ShoR's. Mastery of course increases its potency. Both stats have other secondary effects of course but these are the primary reasons to go after them. Stamina is... stamina... I'd recommend running with at least one Stam trinket and of course a Stam flask for most content, but gemming lots of it tends to be for srsbsns heroic progression tanks with very well geared/extremely skilled healers at their side.
why the hit and expertise other then hitting the boss
Yeah sorry, I should've explained in the first place, I just edited my first post to explain a bit.
In other terms in case you're still confused on the Hit/Expertise issue, you have to connect with your Holy Power abilities to generate that Holy Power. You don't connect, you don't generate Holy Power. You don't generate Holy Power, you don't use Shield of the Righteous. You don't use Shield of the Righteous, things start to hurt.
thank you
Check out

Best prot pally blog i have seen
Check out

Best prot pally blog i have seen

ok about 20 min into reading i got a headache lol

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