How well can Pally solo old raids?

Thinking about finally leveling my pally up to 90 and just wondering what old stuff is soloable. I dont care about Vanilla and TBC stuff as every class can do that now. Talking about Wrath and Cata stuff. Also can they solo the meta 5 man mounts? Been wanting to go back and do those and want to solo at least most of them. Also do you solo as Prot or Ret? Does prot even have enough DPS to beat enrages or can they just eat them and keep fighting?
I've only tried soloing like 2 raids, which were Naxx and ICC.

Naxx was very easy on 10 man, and I got up to Saurfang in ICC, cant burn through his heals tho.
I havent tried any of the other LK raids tho.
And I get destroyed in Cata raids, no chance of survival.

I do raids on ret and if they give me problems then I do prot.
I've done every raid from Vanilla through to ICC solo as ret, very few bosses will give you too much hassle so long as you know how to play. I did all of them on 10man, however you could do quite a few on 25man, if not 25man Heroic.
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Also do you solo as Prot or Ret? Does prot even have enough DPS to beat enrages or can they just eat them and keep fighting?

I find both useful for soloing; sometimes you need Ret's abilities and sometimes you need Prot's. Prot DPS is definitely lower, but still high enough for many enrage timers, especially if it's a hard-hitting boss to give high Vengeance. (On LK25 I intentionally avoided killing adds, which allowed me to hover around 50k vengeance and finish before his enrage. LK25 has a LOT of health.)
You'll want to wear DPS gear for either spec, though.
I haven't soloed a lot of wrath/cata content, but all of icc10 is soloable, and some bosses in icc25 are too. ZA was mostly pretty easy to solo (besides the bear boss, who was a bit tricky), so other cata 5-mans should be within reach. The "Glory of the Hero" Wrath and Cata achievements should mostly be soloable as well, but some of them just plain require multiple people.
Decently, but compared to like a Blood DK, poorly.
As a healer I really don't solo anything as its time consuming so I usually bring a BM hunter. We have 2manned everything to include 10m heroic Lich King, and hard mode Ulduar. Haven't bothered trying out Cata content. But since the hunter doesn't really even need for heals, I'm assuming its doable.
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Decently, but compared to like a Blood DK, poorly.

Well thats pretty much true for every class even hunters, locks, and monks.
Cata raids - Not easily doable, but I'd like to think it's possible. I plan on checking it out soon.
Cata dungeons - The heroics still hit pretty hard, be prepared to use WoG a lot as ret and throw on Seal of Insight as prot. Some achievements may be difficult.
Wrath raids - You can solo all of the 10 mans as ret (Maybe prot for certain fights, might require some decent gear to do some of them). 25 mans are a bit harder, some bosses may be impossible or incredibly difficult.
Wrath dungeons - Easily soloable. Achievements too.
BC raids - Everything is easily doable EXCEPT Fathom-Lord Karathress (At least before 5.1)
Not sure if they've fixed him, but he'll hit any mana user for 50% of their life roughly every 10 seconds. Will one shot you if he goes below 75% before all of his adds are dead. Incredibly hard to solo this fight, especially with the constant stuns from one of his adds.
BC dungeons - Easily soloable.
Vanilla raids and dungeons- Everything is easily soloable.
Was recently able to solo the few remaining achievements I needed (Headed South, Bullet Time, Old Faithful) for the glory of the cata hero meta, so I imagine most are doable with at least decent gear.

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