Stun removing freedoms for ret, bring it back

Please bring them back, I think its enough of a buff to warrant ret being viable in both arena and rbg's.
3trinkets, sounds fine
True rets should be nerfed.
If thats what it will take to make Ret wanted in competitive play then im all for it. I mean making hand of freedom remove stuns and mabey allow it to remove fears as well as stuns on teammates only, would give Ret a niche that RBG groups would actually really want to take Ret pallys for.
I agree, make it ret only and remove stuns when self cast.


I wouldn't argue against it removing everything though ;)
Well all cc might be a little much but rets 2 Achilles heels are stuns and fears, no outs no covers, so in all seriousness a freedom being able to remove stuns on self and teammates since stun is so heavily used by all classes might be all ret needs to be viable again, in both arena and rbgs, especially on flag carrying rbgs where extra mobility for tanks would be vital.
Also give it to prot pallies so you can actually be viable fc's in rbgs.
holy can has super op freedom for healing fcs!
01/24/2013 04:40 PMPosted by Fiddef
holy can has super op freedom for healing fcs!

you've already stolen most of our toolkit and gotten it nerfed.
Not sure if srs or...
Ret's niche role right now, is offhealer with wtfrape cooldowns.

Unfortunately, that support role is not something that should ever be desired in Competitive PvP, because your healers should be competent enough to not need offheals.

So we fit in with Enhance shamans, low survivability, off-healer, throw some auras/buffs around.......and for all those factors we are both not competitively viable. Except for the fact that Enhance sham has some epic damage output to compensate their squishiness, and the #1 reason why they are better than us right now.


Peels = absolutely necessary in arena, and unless you are with a cc-machine you can't do !@#$ all to lighten the pressure on healer (aside from Freedom/HoS all you can do is pop hard-cd defensives like HoP, or waste what little offensive pressure we have by FoJ the melee training our healer)

In RBG it is more slack, if you have some strong cc/dmg you can get by without major peels, since theres 7 others to peel for you. But unfortunately, without cds we hit about as hard as a prot paladin (and even they have a %^-*ing silence in their rotation)

So no, letting Freedom reduce stuns, would be op for duels (like every other "buff" ret has gotten) but as far as competitive PvP goes? We are still !@#$ed until 5.3
I don't think you quite understand how pvp works or how valuable stun removal is, we dont need peels. If you can prevent gib opportunities and continue to mitigate dmg, both with immunities and healing for teammates that makes up for peels ten fold. Your healer gets shockwaved, kidneyed, sweeping leg, etc etc etc, freedom removes that stun, toss a heal, non dead healer.

Stun is the most heavily used cc, why do you need to peel dps off a healer when theyre stunned when you could just remove the stun toss a heal and continue on the match.

Rets roll isn't off heals, it's utility and support. Large damage cd's and the ability to keep teammates alive till gib opportunities present themselves. Maybe learn your own class.
No. No no.

It will include a huge nerf to Freedom as well and probably require the removal of Clemency.

I'm sorry but Freedom removing stuns is just too powerful.

Just allow to cast the new Hand of Purity, Divine Protection, and Devo Aura while stunned.
if they added it they would have to make HoF have a longer cd, which i don't mind ... it was 30 or 45 seconds back in wrath wasn't it? and rets had it get them out of stuns back then.

and to stop it being overpowered via clemency add a debuff that stops it from clearing stuns for another 45 seconds (if it can clear stuns from allies also) or a 45 second ICD if it will only clear stuns of the paladin.

not saying we need it but thinking of buffs for the sake of buffs is nice xD

hell attach the out of stun to divine protection hit 2 birds with 1 stone (an out of stun and finally useable when stunned) lol
Don't like the idea.
We'd cop a solid nerf somewhere else to compensate which is the last thing we need.. Especially if the nerf was directed at clemency..
You're right because one of the worst pvp specs in the game doesn't deserve 1 unique mechanic to give it relevance again, in perspective you know whats op, getting 100-0 in a shockwave or kidney. We should be able to counter that.
Sounds more viable "Stun removing emancipate for ret"
Remember Clemency talent for Holys , double abuse, sounds OP.
What ret needs (apart from a numbers adjustment) is a fear break.
Having a stun/fear break is to powerful, especially tied with freedom where with clemency we'd have 2 plus bubble plus trinket. OP.

Yes ret needs something specific, adding a fear break/immunity to divine protection could work..

Tho to give us a 'niche' and make us more viable in rbgs ect.
I'd love to see an ability like (or added to) devotion aura which for RET ONLY is an AOE fear break and x amount of seconds fear (+silence, if added onto devotiin aura) immunity for all teammates within aoe range.
Would see ret bring something unique and useful to the competitive scene of rbgs or arena.

I've hear of some other ideas in other threads like
- aoe hammer of justice
- baseline Burden of guilt
And a few others, at first I laughed about it but the more I've thought about it, why not?
We need something n unique and surprisingly other classes have just as powerful abilities..

An aoe fear break/immunity would certainly be unique to ret and I don't think it's that crazy when you look at mass dispell, mass spell reflect ect.

After all, we pallies are ment to be able to fight against undead, warlocks, shadow priests, lichbourne dks.. We can fear their pets, dks in lichbourne and at some point we could fear demo locks but have 0 protection against them ourselves.

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