[A] <New Stormglen> ((Recruiting Citizens!))

Wyrmrest Accord
<New Stormglen> has been formed!

The taunting of a new home has long since plagued a young refugees mind, the want of a new place to call home too great for the youthful afflicted minds to ward off. A dream is a goal set by the heart, and her dream is to found a new home for herself and any who desire the same.

IC Goals:
  • The construction of a new settlement by the name of New Stormglen.
  • To help provide and acquire a home for any that are willing to help in its construction and growth.
  • OOC Goals:
  • To provide a quality roleplaying experience set out of the normalcy that constantly sets in.
  • To help build a roleplaying community by doing just that, roleplaying the actual construction of a settlement.
  • To help foster relationships between guilds and the community as a whole.
  • To have a Quality over Quantity style of roleplaying, without being foreign and difficult to settle into and learn from.
  • Much of this is still being worked on. But if I can get a head start on recruiting and picking out folks to give me a hand with management and idea execution it'll make the long run that much easier. I plan to do open in-character and out-of-character interviews in the coming weekends (as of this threads conception).

    No location is yet set in stone for the settlement, as I remembered a little out of the way place called Surwich, and that's given me a whole slew of ideas on which I intend to draw out and add upon. Most of the roleplaying will be done in a private channel rather than a physical in-game location, seeing as how we can not yet found player towns. (ONE DAY... ONE DAY, MARTY!)
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    A bump for lack of bites.
    Bump for the weekend of possible recruitment!
    Monday at work Bump.

    First event is planned to be this weekend, loadin' the boat an' getting ready to set sail.
    Much luck with recruitment, Windsong! ^-^
    *Proceeds to prod with hot poker*
    Bump to the top of the page for Windsong's new pet Sif. c:
    Here we go with the daily I-should-be-working-but-on-a-PC-instead-of-sweeping Bump.
    Another day another bump.
    End of the weekend bump!
    The bump of a floundering guild.
    Just saw this. Not a Wyrmcrest Accord person, but bump of support for a guild much like my own.
    Another bump of support. I'd be up to speak about various ideas for roleplaying within towns and how to facilitate that. Just pop on MG or add my battletag, TheHieropant#1969.

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