Ret/ Holy Palli LF guild on MV

Hello all!

I rerolled to a palli for my main, and missed the raiding curve by a month or two.

I am looking for a guild that is currently raiding 10 man MV.

I have no problems healing as well as dpsing.

I am open to any guild that raids from 9pm and on.


Hope I can find a guild here ><
I am looking for a guild of this nature too, with similar start times.
I came on the forums just now to look for a guild doing 10 man MV with roughly those times as well! Funny how these things work.

Prot Paladin here, FYI.
Hey how's it going. Fragmenta is a guild that took a break towards the end of Cata on the Nagrand server. After returning for MoP we relaxed for a while and soon decided to move servers over to Blackrock as PRIDE offered us a place in their guild to build a raid team. PRIDE wasn't what our ideal guild was for raiding, so we decided to have a fresh start and xferred Fragmenta over a few weeks ago. We have been building a raid team to start raiding by the 6th of February.

We have a spot open for a melee DPS, two ranged and possibly a healer (H Pally strongly preferred/Druid maybe). Our raid times are 1am-4am Wed/Sun + 1:30am-4am Mon. Holy would be preferred if you are able, but we 'may' be able to fit a ret in. An application is required, so our website is if you're interested at all. We also have a spot for Warlock Warwithin, Warlock is very high priority for us right now.

If you want to find out more, I'll chuck our thread post in as well If the times don't fit for you or the guild isn't what you're looking for, best of luck with finding a guild that suits you.


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