[A]Ultimate GMT+8 25M 13/14HM LF DPS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Kindly apply on our web and we'll take a close look. Thank you!
up for 5th boss.
5/13, looking for more quality raiders to push progression further

Iron Qon will definitely be down this coming lockout, and progressing on another heroic boss!
LF DPS competition :>
next heroic down
need more pro dps
heroic council dead
come join in the love!
7/13 HM now!
love u nova!
up up and away!!
up for next boss
with love, much love.
Bump bump bump !!!
where all the good dps go?
Our healer team is looking for a resto druid to add to our raiding roster, apply at www.ultimate-guild.com

8/13HM 25m TOT

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