Finding Bigfoot

What do you guys think? Are they scamming for money or legit pants on heads retarded? They look in all the wrong places and use all the wrong tactics. Excluding Bobo because he is obviously a few loads shy of a brick. (However he does have an amazing cloth rope hat collection)

Also how has Blizz not hidden a single rare Easter Egg Bigfoot somewhere in wow? There is only one legitimate answer: conspiracy. Just think about how under represented the bigfoot population is in Azeroth. Not once have you ever seen a single Sasquatch, let alone family, lounging around the shrine much less getting out to vote. How can someone else claim to rule their lives or say "well no Mr. Bigfoot you can't go out and just marry a worgen". Personally I am tired of letting Dalaran, Stormwind, and Ogrimmar tell us who should or shouldn't have rights and so is Amaxas.

The gnomes try to keep them as friends so I've been petitioning to make them an alliance race for years. I have discussed this with a few GM's and I think the general concensus is that for one of the racials they would have to be immune to screen shots. And maybe they could get their own Native American folk pets or something of the like.

Anyway, it is absolutely ridiculous that in the 21st century we barely acknowledge their existence. I mean how would you feel if you were just a hard working bigfoot trying to put food on the table for your kids and were given absolutely no rights by Stormwind or Ogrimmar? Its a crying shame and someone needs to stand up for the big little guy.

In light of the world's condition I have taken it upon myself as Skirpnasty, Immortal King of Ironforge, to name Katalinamoon as the protector and ambassador of the bigfoot peoples on behalf of the Alliance. As befits every office of ambassador, she will look to the aid of Tourettes and Bebbit in times of need as enforcers of Ironforge and all it's strength. In light of this great achievement and honor bestowed upon Kat cake and beer will be served in the shrine this sunday at 8:00 server. If you would like to send her any mementos or trophies through which she can cherish this milestone please mail them to Katalinamoon@Kil'Jaeden.

This concludes this week's PSA. I bid you all a splendid weekend, and as always long hail Ironforge.

Skirpnasty, The Immortal King of Ironforge
LOL omg!
01/25/2013 02:38 AMPosted by Katalinamoon
LOL omg!

I know its a burden but I completely believe in you.
Yes, I think this has something to do with the convo we had in vent last night during raid about feet?
I just caught the tail end of that one actually. Probably has more to do with me not being able to sleep at 4:30. :P
I support this! *drops Bigfoot standard*
He knows from one of the convo's the raid had on vent that other peoples feet are gross to me. So this is punishment. I think I heard meow likes feet why not her?

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