Scourged Whelping raised to Minfernal rate?

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Minfernal -- 10.1% of all people on Warcraft Pets have it.
Scourged Whelpling -- 10.3% have it.

Recent patch note said Scourged Whelpling is being buffed to Minfernal levels.

Are you high?

I've spent months sitting out camping the Minfernal. It is the only pet I have left for Zookeeper (except the summer one). There's always at least 4 or 5 people in Felwood. I've NEVER seen it. Not once.

I spent about an hour and 3 separate trips getting the Scourged Whelpling. I have it. In fact, I was able to grab a couple. This area has never been as heavily camped (although it is camped) as the Minfernal.

From everyone I've chatted with sitting in Felwood, they've had the exact same experience.

Look, it's fine if you want to make it rare. But this isn't rare. I've spent more time trying to acquire the Minfernal than every other pet I have (400 of them) COMBINED. This is not hyperbole. Minfernal is the only pet I've had to actively camp. All others I was able to pick up on a casual basis. This includes the Scourged Whelpling.

Again, it's fine if this is how you want it.

But it seems to me you don't have a clue as to how rare this pet is when you make a statement that a more common pet was bugged and having issues due to CRZ, and is being "buffed" to a rarer pets spawn rate.

I also noticed something zoning in on reset today. There seems to be a CRZ border that runs through their spawn area. On the south side of the area, I was in a different CRZ zone than the north side and was getting phased between them.

People aren't saying Minfernal is too rare because its rare. They're saying it's too rare because you've effed up somewhere. It is rarer than the Scourged Whelpling which you've stated was rarer than intended.

So--fix it!
01/25/2013 12:04 PMPosted by Vazakaa

Clearly a Blizzard ploy to get more people out in the world :p

Nice screenshot :)
Posters complain about Minfernal spawn rate.
Posters complain about Scourged Whelp spawn rate.

Solution? Boost both.
Blizzard reaction? Make a super rare spawn now only a highly rare spawn.
01/25/2013 11:57 AMPosted by Act
From everyone I've chatted with sitting in Felwood, they've had the exact same experience.

I've got the opposite issue.

Minfernal only took a few weeks to get.

Whelpling.. it seems everyone has simply given up.
Nobody apart from me even bothers to camp the area anymore.
(Unless I'm just the unluckiest person in the world and everyone else already has theirs)

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