<HILYMI> 25m 1/12H 12/12 ToT

Raid times - Tue Wed Thu 7-11 server (CST)
1/12H 12/12N

Tanks - Closed
Heals - Non Druid
Melee - Any
Ranged - Any

Our raid team
The goal is that every night, we are satisfied with all 25 people in the raid.
To achieve this we are building a team of 30 core people. You just can't get around people missing raids, be it internet issues, work or school commitments, their 5th grandmother dying, or their gold fish drowning. This is how many core raiders we feel is necessary to run a strong team every night in a 25m guild. 30 core players as in, no recruits, no backup raiders, no 2nd string guys.

Our 30 man comp is: 2 tanks, 7 healers, 7 melee, 14 ranged. Of this 30 we want 2 people with viable tank OS, 2 people with viable heal OS, and 2 with viable DPS OS.

Now, you might be thinking that, 30 > 25. Yes, you are right. Eventually, core raiders will be sat if everyone were to show up. Our answer to this is that, it is better to sit good players then to bring bad ones. We hope that everyone in our guild feels the same way. If it is a progression boss, we will bring our best comp/players. If it is just farm content, we will ask for volunteers to sit that don't need gear off what ever boss were on.

How we hit it
Established in 2006, HILYMI has survived the ever changing WoW landscape by placing trust in our core beliefs and values. We are a member centered raid guild with core values of family, teamwork, respect, and innovation. As a raiding philosophy HILYMI operates on the “Work Hard, Play Harder” system. What this means is on raid nights members are expected to show up on time, prepared and ready to give 110%. Along with this we have many expectations of our members to do offline research, planning, and coordination so that when we do raid, we are effective and progress at a competitive speed. If you can't make one of your usual nights or will be late, we require you to notify us via our website. We also don't take ourselves too seriously which is part of the reason why we named ourselves what we did and our tabard bears a golden jester's cap. Our name and tabard also reminds ourselves that this is just a game that should always remain fun and enjoyable even through the toughest progression.

What ever you do, stand next to other people
Our guild enjoys a strong social atmosphere where members not only raid together, but enjoy each other's company whether it's raiding, pvp, just hanging around in Org, playing Diablo, or enjoying some Starcraft. We're not just about logging in to "get a job done, make progression, and get loot" - it's also about being able to enjoy your free time in a fun environment! As such, all recruits are expected to spend some quality out of raid time with current members to get to know each other, which will help determine if the recruit is a good fit for the guild and the people in it.

The rest is up to you.
Complete information regarding our guild mission / vision, members expectations, raiding procedures, loot policies, etc. can be found on our website under our charter. Once you learn more about us, if you think we are an ideal guild home for you, please fill out an application on our website. Once completed, a recruitment officer will review it and provide feedback on the next step for you.
bump for 6/16H
bump for Heroic Spirit Kings down.
Heroic Will down! Need more healers.
I almost feel like faction changing back to rejoin the guild, seeing as how I have 0 afk issues anymore
Is that who I think it is?
heh heh heh maybeh ;)
Why you change name?
no real reason, i just got alot more time to play and some friends were alliance side, but i have another 85 shammy im leveling to 90 and ill hop factions so i have one on both sides ;)

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