(H)The Dark Voyage (Dreadmaul) need Heals

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
We are currently 6/6 MV normal and 2/6 on HOF we are sure we can down Garalon and progress further but we have had to PUG 2 healers the last 2-3 weeks.

We are not a hardcore raiding guild we raid on Saturdays & Sundays 8:30-1am (sometimes earlier on sundays). We also have a website thedarkvoyage.com.

We prefer a healer with some knowledge of the fights and with an ILVL of 480+ and we prefer a shaman and/or priest.

Our current classes:
Paladin x 2
Druid x 2

We also have a 2nd raid group that has formed the past weeks and may have a few spots in that group if you have a lower Ilvl again we need maybe 1 healer for that group.

- If you are joining the core raid group being on time and showing up every week is a big plus.
- Use Ventrillo
- Respect other guild members
- Shaman and/or Priest (possibly other classes just inquire)

Please contact someone from our guild in game or sign up at our website:
Still in need of a Shaman or Monk Healer. We will be raiding tomorrow (sat) night. We are currently on HOF 3/6. Apply at our website or ingame.

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