Cannot Find WoW Folder To Place Wow Matrix

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I can't seem to find the wow folder on my mac to place wow matrix. The only WoW folder I seem to find has folders such as WTF, Video, Cache ect. What am I doing wrong? IT has some other folders but those are not clickable.

Thanks In advance
The default location of WoW should be /Applications/World of Warcraft.
I can't seem to find any folder with that name.
If you are unable to locate it there, then it was moved or installed in another location. You can find the location of WoW by pulling up your system profiler and going through the Applications tab. The applications here are in alphabetical order.

To get to the system profiler, hold the 'Option' Key and choose System Profiler/Information from the Apple Menu.
I really would recommend not using Wow Matrix.

They do not have permission to host the latest versions of many addons so will only download old versions.

Also they're right scum bags towards the authors who produce said addons. I support the authors who produce my addons and not bandwidth thieves.
I am still having problems adding addons. Wowmatix and curse I can not get either to work. I cannot find the correct wow folder and I cannot find the system profiler/information. Could someone possible help me via TeamViewer, as I am not computer savy at all. Thanks
Got to "Spotlight" and type in "World of Warcraft", it should come up with whatever, and where ever, WoW info is stored.
As far as the add-ons go: Folder location> World of warcraft>Interface>add-ons>drop them there (making SURE you do not put them into another add-on folder, also make sure that the folder you put in is the actual add-on and not a folder with the add-on in it. You can tell this by weather or not it is just folders inside or folders AND .lua files. If it is just folders: take them all out and drop them into the add-on folder, if it has .lua files in it drop the whole folder into it.

Edited for bad wordage . . . .
I have put all my addons in this interface folder, however none of them are showing up.

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