LFM RBGS - 2k push to 2.2k TONIGHT! 8-1 group


Hey guys,

I got a group that went 8-1 the other night that's reforming for a 2.2k push tonight ***(AT 9:30 EST)***. The group comp will be:

Prot War/Hpal/Rsham/Rdruid/BM Hunter/Spriest/Destro Lock/Boomkin/Mage/FDK

I need to fill a few of those spots, as I'm not 100% sure everyone will be able to make it. If you're one of the classes listed above, with 2k+ MMR and full malev - add me on skype @ HLemaster WITH YOUR CLASS/SPEC/CR/NAME/SERVER in the friend request note.

Or add me ingame @ Smivy#1355

Get ready to get your T2!!
Posting on here is just going to get a couple dozen people enraged about how Ret is so undesirable in RBGs.

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