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Hey Repressed, i know you got some info bout inheritance from Scrub (lagan) but we are looking at grabbing a new tank for core team.

We are a small, tight-knit group focused on fun and group progression, made up of experienced players, understanding when real life commitments arise. As such, we have a relaxed but serious approach to raiding

At this point we are primarily looking for skilled, driven players interested in progressing higher with us as a Social or Core team raider.

We like our progression but will NOT spend more than 2 hrs wiping on a fight - we'd rather comeback later with a clear head.

We don't like to have a bench of People , we like to keep the same team each week, if one player can't make it its fine to grab a social guild mate or pug, but if a few cant make it we'll call the raid, we find its better keeping the team instead of having a rotating bench where we would have to gear 3 more players.

Age 18+, LGBT friendly

We're currently at 13/16N lack of progression due to raid break over christmas / weather ect.. if you interested. Currently looking at the rest of this tier to gear a couple new players in the group for 5.2 raids.

More info at InheritanceNagrand.wowstead.com or just msg me or any guildmate ingame.
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Dedicated Meat shield

Oh if I had just 5c for every time I have heard that :D

Seriously Though. Firstly I am so sorry to hear that your guild fell apart, there is so much of that going on and I don't blame Blizz for that, even though, they were the ones that put the 'Guild-back-together-again-by-giving-groups-of-jerks-the-power-to-level-guilds-and-be-complete-Jack-asses.. (phew that was a long one).

I would however like to offer you an alternative :)

You can see our guild recruitment spam here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7810092525 and here: http://victorioussecret.enjin.com/home

Sincerely .. Our guild is looking for a loyal, reliable Tank ( Meat shield), whom doesn't just log onto raid and then logs off :/
Someone that enjoys 'old school raiding', is prone to a few "warbles in vent" (Don't worry - someone will start you off) and most importantly .. we want a meat shield who is part of a guildy family.
Back from family business
7/16 Heroic progression guild looking for a great tank to fill in our OT role.

Located on jubei'thos
Raid days/times - Wed/Thurs/Mon 6st - 9st

Pst me ingame or visit www.prosperity-guild.wowstead.com if interested.

Name: Legion of Omega

Server: Lethon-US

Raid Nights: Rotating Either Tuesday, Weds and Friday. or Friday, Saturday and Monday...

What we Offer:
- Teamspeak Server
-EPIC Website
- Facebook group
-Friendly Environment
- Guild Level 25
- Guild EVENTS!!!

What we are looking for:
- Active Raiders
- Friendly/ No drama starting people
- Knows class well (no noobs)

About us:

We are a PvE/ PvP guild on the server lethon ran by Tankmasta and Gokuholyman, both of them have ben on wow for 6 years. Goku has raid experience with End Time Prophets (as a raider, then a raid leader). Both Tank and Goku have been officers in multiple guilds and are real life friends.

How to Contact:

Real ID: GOKUHOLYMAN: pfccounts@gmail.com, In game mail, or check out or facebook page or website: http://legionofomega-lethon.enjin.com/home
bump still looking
bump still looking

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