Need help<just got farmed by a 86 shadow P

there is something wrong with my charicter and i cant seem to find out what, i do as much dps as a tank does and i got farmed by a lvl 86 shadow priest just now. im pissed off can anyone tell me whats wrong with my charicter i should be dishing out mean damage right now
Um, after looking at your gear, are you trying to be a tank, a ret, or a rogue?

You've got dodge/parry on some of your gear slots, an on-use agility trinket, and you apparently decided to ignore half of your gem slots.
not sure if troll or just really bad player
Your gear makes me cry.
could use some help plz not insults lol
Kind of obvious where to start, eh?

Read the stickies for ret at the top of the page.

First, gem and enchant your gear (follow the guide). Second, you are way behind in gear because it's very late in the season -- next season will be a bit of a gear reset and that should help you a lot. Third, finish your PvP set (replace PvE pieces and upgrade your gear). Fourth, don't ever wear gear with dodge, parry, agility, etc on it. Fifth, you want to prioritize resilience with your gemming (again, consult the guide).

Sixth, reforge your gear to haste > crit > mastery, and make sure to get 3% hit and 3% expertise. Seventh, you're not making use of your blacksmithing perk. Eighth, your talents are kinda weak (the guide). Ninth, you need glyphs (guide). Tenth, once you do all this you'll probably need to play a lot to learn how to PvP with your class, to learn what abilities other classes have.

I didn't mean to be an ahole with the whole counting thing. I just didn't expect there to be so many problems. You've got a lot work ahead on you! :P
If the level 86 we still in good lvl 85 PvP gear (very possible because I still was at 86) then they actually have enough PVP power and resil to do some serious damage.

This was brought to light in beta so many times. Geared 85 were owning 89s because of their PvP gear.
i thought i was suppose to wear the agility pvp gear?
01/26/2013 12:27 PMPosted by Daniellower
i thought i was suppose to wear the agility pvp gear?

You're kidding right?
no the other one is mastery and hit every said to use agilty exp
01/26/2013 12:36 PMPosted by Daniellower
no the other one is mastery and hit every said to use agilty exp

Where are you getting this info from? and guildies
01/26/2013 12:44 PMPosted by Daniellower and guildies

As bad as noxxic is, it does not tell paladins to use agility. Also your guild apparently thinks you're an idiot.

For pvp ret.
Yours stats should go-
3% hit > 3% expertise > resilience > pvp power > str > haste > crit > mastery

Your gear should give you your 3% hit&expertise, anything above reforge out to haste or crit if you can go haste.

For resilience and pvp power, you will need to gem it.. It really comes down to preference.
Red gem slots should be 80 str/160 pvp power (unless if your profession is jc)
Blue gems slots either 320 pvp power gems or green 160/160 pvp power and resilience.
Yellow gem slots either 320 resilience gems or one again green 170/160 pvp power&resilience gems.

If you only going to be doing random/normal bg's .. I'd suggest gemming mainly pvp power.
For rated play either arena or rbgs, I'd suggest gemming resilience.

As for haste.. By far our best secondary stat followed my crit-
Reforge anything that's not haste into haste and if you can't reforge it into haste then reforge it to crit. Simple.

Probably should be posting this on my pally..
But if you want more detail then check out vanguards guide at top of pally forum topics
Btw, noxxic is crap.. Never used that site and never will.
Also.. I think your guildies are having a joke at your personal expense.
accualy sry i meant crit not agility
01/26/2013 02:14 PMPosted by Daniellower
accualy sry i meant crit not agility

Go haste not crit.
kk should i replace crit with haste?

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