Need help<just got farmed by a 86 shadow P

Did you not read what I just posted on my dk?

No keep crit.. Reforge everything but crit into haste.
Just be sure to keep your 3% of both expertise and hit.
If your gear gives haste and a stat that's not crit, then reforge it into crit
Haste is your main followed by crit
Mastery is $hit.
kk thx
What they said. And after all that, you will still have trouble with spriests, they are murder on pallies. Fear with dots up, supposed to break on other damage but doesn't, fear turret, blanket silence, disarm, remove your bubble by the time gcd from bubbling finishes.... yeh, they are possibly more of an counter-pally class than locks this patch.
To be fair... jokingly of course, Agility USED to be part of Crit. In BC. ;/
01/26/2013 02:27 PMPosted by Daniellower
kk should i replace crit with haste?

For ret, generally yes. Depending on where you are on you the gear curve 1 str may still be superior to 2 haste. But definitely haste > crit.

It is also understandable you might confuse the need for agility. It wasn't that long ago (wrath I believe) that agility leather pieces were used in certain situations (before plate specialization).

Hang in there, it is a bit of a long road to get competent in pvp, it is far more unforgiving than pve for sure.

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