Resto Shaman lf raiding guild

Hi Hyjal! I transferred here a few months ago to find some raiding options for MoP.

I started raiding in WotLK and have always been a top raider wherever I went. I know how to get the most out of my character/gear and how to stay out of fire. I follow a strong lead well and know how to adjust on the fly but I also don't mind being vocal and calling out if something gets missed. I'm also very competitive when it comes to my class and role. If I feel that someone else is edging me out I like to take it as a personal mission to figure out a better way to play my class to make sure I'm at the top of my game.

I took a few months off after Cata so I'm a little behind the 8-ball on gear but I've been working on getting ready again by doing dailies, lfr, buying gear, etc. As it sits I'm 473 resto with a decent ele offspec which should allow for MSV norm at this point. I anticipate at least 3 more key pieces within the next 10 days via valor and a DMC deck I have for the next faire.

What I'm looking for:
A fun guild that knows how to get serious come raid time. I like to joke and have fun but want to see good progression. Also I'd like an active guild as I usually have multiple alts and like to play/gear them as much as possible. I can raid pretty much any night but I'd like to avoid starting any later than 8 PM pacific. My preference is 10 man content and if I need to be in a 'B' group due to my lack of gear ATM, I would understand. I'm not looking to be carried and geared up, I'm looking for a long term progression raiding spot.

I'm a great raider and with a little gear and experience in some of the fights (I do watch vidoes and read up on fights) I know I would be a good addition to your guild.

Thanks for the consideration.
Sent you a btag request Naana, hope to hear from you in game soon.
Hey there just saw your post, hope you havent been snatched up yet. Ill try finding you in game. Here is my battle tag Sanctome#1527
Hello again Hyjal!

First off let me say that I'm highly impressed with this server so far. I've been approached by several different guilds, some of whom had done their homework and looked back at Cata content etc. to really get a feel for my play. Even those who hadn't are able to look past the gear and at the player which really reinforces my decision to come here, so thank you to those of you I've spoken with.

Just an update, I have not chosen a guild yet for a couple of reasons. First, I do have a mage friend that will be transferring as well and I would like to raid with him at some point. I should have included it in the original post but I did want to update with that to avoid wasting anyone's time. Second, I have agreed to raid with a couple of guilds to feel it out and would like to have the opportunity to get a feel for them as they do for me. It is only in the interest of trying to find the best fit as I'm looking for a long term home not a hop from guild to guild situation.

Thanks all again for the time and consideration.
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