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Mae Govannen...
Daro an îdh sí! Sí na i veth, i veth naid bain...

Welcome to Quel'Athillien, a home for Quel'dorei (High Elves) and those who seek refuge in the North. Nestled in the mountains for many years, Quel'Athillien - which roughly translates to "High Mountain" - was the refuge for the elves who defected from Silvermoon City after the city had fallen into disrepair. Seen as traitors, those who wished not to defile their being with corruptive fel magics and who remained somewhat loyal to previous oaths, lived out their lives protecting the northern borders in congruency with the Wildhammer Dwarves of the Peak. Originally, many of these Quel'dorei were wayward rangers who were under both guidance and protection of Quel'Danil Lodge to the east. It wasn't until some years later that Quel'Athillien thought to make its own sovereignty under the watchful eye of the royal house of Sunwhisper.

Under the house of Sunwhisper, Quel'Athillien found its own independence and once more Quel'dorei had an alternative home than that of Dalaran or Theramore. To keep peace and prosperity for her people, the Lady Phoenix (or Grand Duchess) of the royal house sought to make and maintain various allegiances within the Alliance. Those who shared her faith and sense of peace followed as she welcomed all races to her home - save for those who would seek to be the antithesis of her vision. Elves, men, dwarves, draenei, gnomes and worgen were given shelter and a new perspective on life.

Despite its golden age of enlightenment and many attempts to strive for objectively perfect peace, Quel'Athillien is not a home of strict pacifists. The Lord-Knight Velroth Sunwhisper oversees the protection of the land, its allies and its people. Being so near former Scourge holdings, Lord Velroth is on constant alert from any being - foreign or domestic - that would seek to supplant his home. His brother, Lurvantis, is the current leader of the Phoenix Knights, a regiment dedicated to defense of Quel'Athillien abroad.


OOC Information:

<Quel'Athillien> was originally a placeholder in many of our stories where High Elves in the mountains were concerned. After some time - and a few changes - we decided to stick with the type of RP that worked best with us. We are a tight-knit type of family both in-character and out-of-character with high expectations that all drama be maintained within the in-character situation and not taken out-of-character. We welcome all sorts to jump into any given storyline that we have going; we stick to the motto: "What you put in is exactly what you get out of it."

In-Game Name: QuelAthillien
Officers: Rennali, Lurvantis, Velroth, Ambrosina and Lutharias
Guild Level: 25
Website: http://quelathillien.guildlaunch.com/

Ranking Structure:
Lady Phoenix (Grand Duchess)
...High Council
......Phoenix Knights
..........The Conclave
House Regent
...Sworn Knight
......Cleric Order
OOC /Alt
Known Alliances:
Order of the Golden Hawk (House Andro)
The Northern Accord
The Lordaeron Silver Hand
Blood of Lordaeron (House Albrecht)

Possible Alliances:
The Sunguard (House Truefeather)



1. Where is Quel'Athillien?

Hinterlands. We try to RP there as much as possible and use the space for development. Occasionally, you might see us at Quel'Danil Lodge. We use that frequently as "Quel'Athillien."

2. What if I am new to RP?

We welcome you with open arms! Even if you are new to Moon Guard and have to start at level 1, we will help you with developing your character and getting you involved in the stories as much as possible. Not everyone RPs the same and we hope that you can bring new ideas.

3. I am not a fan of some of your "allies." What do I do?

They are our allies for good reason. We have spent time building a good rapport with them and they have proven themselves good people to have around in return. No one says you have to involve yourself in any story we might be doing with them, but I will demand that any negativity you have toward them is kept out of it. If you cannot handle yourself in a mature manner, you may be removed.

4. What if I don't RP as a High Elf?

We welcome all sorts. As long as they are willing to remove the Forsaken menace from Azeroth and see a peace brought back, they are welcome. Yes, we allow Sin'dorei as well (which is a more recent development). Sin'dorei who are allowed in must swear themselves to House Sunwhisper in some form and denounce the Horde as a whole.

5. Is everyone in the guild a Sunwhisper?

No. That is why we have the "House Regent" status. Those who are the heads of their respective houses and live in Quel'Athillien are allowed to maintain their own houses. Those who choose to dwell in Quel'Athillien are asked to swear themselves to its protection and continued prosperity and recognize that House Sunwhisper does own the land.

6. How do I join?

You can inquire directly with one of the officers or with myself. We must induct you in-character for you to be considered "one of us."


OOC Rules & Regulations: http://quelathillien.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8857739&gid=234705

Knight's Code of Conduct: http://quelathillien.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8889787&gid=234705

"Quel'Athillien: The High Mountain" Storyline
: http://quelathillien.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8941437&gid=234705
Written by Lurvantis:

The Final Charge of Lord Sunstrider

The sounds of dying Elves could be heard throughout the forest. They cried, they cried for help, for someone or something to save them. But no one could. For they charged into battle knowing very well that it would be the last battle they fought. Lord Sunstrider, Knight-Lord of the Phoenix Knights was fleeing from enemy forces, escorting the young Price Lurvantis from his uncle’s home, on their return to the main house they were ambushed by the Forsaken. Lord Sunstrider knew if he could enter the mountains of the Hinterlands his Prince would be safe. For once he arrives at the entrance into the mountains of Hinterlands he would run into a squad of rangers who have been order to always be stationed there in case of an evasion into the mountains. However, it seems to be an impossible mission. For no matter how fast his horses ride, the Forsaken seem to be getting closer and closer.

Lord Sunstrider at the time thought it would be smart to have the Phoenix Knights escort the young prince in full force, but now it seem to be a foolish act for it drew too much attention. They were able to just get some distance between them and the Forsaken forces that closed in. He knew he had to hold the enemy off while the young prince crossed into their lands. He knew that he must send his men to an early grave. A task he hated to do, but must for his House. For the prince he cared so much for. Lord Sunstrider would lean down towards the young prince and whisper to him, “My young prince, you’re now the Knight-Lord of the Phoenix Knights, make it more powerful than I ever did.” He would shift his body back up on his horse and look forward blade drawn. With that the young prince was off to the races with only ten knights with him he now knew he must rebuild this fearful cavalry.

On a hill, they stood. On a hill, they breathed. On a hill, they laughed. On that hill they cried one last time. They stood, two lines in all with Lord Sunstrider standing off in front. The Forsaken flooded into the valley they left behind, and now it will be their grave. The Lord looked on, not wanting to see the faces of his men one last time. This would be for his land, his people, his Lords. He will go down as a hero of House Sunwhisper, and out there lived the young prince who he taught everything he knew too. He will have to kill his shoes now, but the prince was capable. And so they started their last march. The air was calm and quiet, only the sounds of rocks being smashed beneath the might of the horses was heard. Then the sound of the Forsaken charging off in the distance was growing louder. A never ending army of death clashing against a wall of hope, yet hope was not enough…

"A Lord is only as strong as thoughs who will die for him. Remember this Lurvantis, for you will never be able to win a war on your own, but with brothers in arms you can." - Lord Sunstrider
Written by Rennali

The Shadow of Mortality

It had been some time since Anadorian had thought to seek out his youngest daughter's ear. By Velroth's word, he had gone against his initial judgement about such a disappointing birth that Rennali had been for him, and set out to teach her; train her to be worthy of a prince's hand in marriage should his ambitions give him such a prize. She was beautiful, far more than her sisters before her and only to the equivalent of what her mother had been: long fair hair like spun strands of golden silk and a captivating smile that veiled her grief. While he had found himself hesitant to even want her associated as his heir, he had come to terms that she might be yet the means to a greater good and the source of a marriage to a house that would further his own quest for power and immortality... if only in the historical sense.

Now, as he paced in tight, lacquered slippers across the polished alabaster floors of his home - namely his parlor - he felt that twinge of hesitance once more build in his chest. He had placed his hopes for a stronger generation - in his image - in the only legitimate heir he had that could do so and was gifted with disappointment. Across from his father, Velroth sat in a high-backed wooden chair padded with blue velvet. He might have had half of a mind to enjoy the comfort of such a luxury had he not been summoned under such circumstances.

"You told me she could be tamed," Anadorian hissed disapprovingly toward his first-born son. A son that he had hoped would have been his legitimate heir: strong, tactful and the paragon of what a male elf was meant to be - glorified in golden armor and the ability to wield a blade. "You told me--"

"I told you she could be, Father." Velroth interjected with a bit of irritation in his voice.

Anadorian glanced to his son - the product of a woman he did not love, but yet like the phoenix, he had risen from his station as a bastardized son to carry his father's surname with honor and pride. Anadorian's heart clenched each time he lay eyes on Velroth; knowing this prize could never be what he had hoped for and yet, somehow, seemed content with the idea that his sister would take up such a mantle. A silly, vapid little girl with not the sense Belore had gifted to those of a lesser station.

"She cannot marry this man." Anadorian announced as he tucked his hands to the small of his back where the ends of his blonde hair tickled at the base. The room seemed to darken around them despite the welcoming cool breeze of an early Fall. Rarely did the temperature change in such a mystical place, as if time had no welcome in Quel'Thalas; a home of eternal summer and of a swift Fall. "He is not of our kind, and to that end, she will not bear his offspring."

Velroth turned his eyes to the open door of the parlor. Behind charcoal and blue clouds, the sun set in the West, coloring the horizon in the pinks and dazzling oranges that often littered the trees of Eversong in the north. Magical colors; a rainbow of shades that seemed to carry a magic all their own. Now as he looked to it, Velroth felt withdrawn from the sun's warmth and even more removed from the preternatural glow of the Sunwell. "Do you wish me to tell her?" Velroth asked in a sullen manner. It rarely pleased him to have to make such speeches to one he revered as his own child.

"No," Anadorian clipped in, "I will be the one to explain to my heir that she is not to choose her destiny. That is my position and right as her father."

As he heard this, Velroth could only swear at himself for having even mentioned to his father such a benefit of keeping Rennali alive. Now that she was of age and she had proven herself before the Court of Belore, she was now eligible to wed any man her father had viewed as being worthy of such a possession. Yes, that was the word Velroth wanted to use. She was no heir; she was a possession that was to be used to further his father's own agenda.

"I will fetch my beloved lady," Velroth finally said as he began to stand. Anadorian nodded to his son and allowed the crestfallen elf to attend to his sister.

Walking the distance between the parlor and the main estate put him through the gardens. On any given day, Velroth would have cherished such a moment to take his sister outside. In years gone past, he would steal part of her day to try and teach her basic swordsmanship and archery - anything to keep herself protected from the darkness beyond Thalassian borders. Many times, it was she who would teach him - having him sit and read books on philosophy and economics. He was never interested in things he didn't understand, yet for her sake, he made good to pretend to want to know. The trees around the garden now made shadows that looked as ominous as any demon - claws of branches stretching beneath the pale moon's light as if inching toward their victims. His eyes stopped to look skyward when he approached the back door to the kitchen. Elune they called it.

The moon's face reflected vaguely in the windows that led into his sister's room just above the kitchen. Such a room might have been spared for a knight or someone of only mediocre means within in the family, and yet, he could see the warm, soft glow of the lamps in her room kept bright by magic's grace.

Were this any other day, he might have tossed a small stone against the glass to catch her attention. Were this any other night, he might have been content to watch his sister sing and dance with the handmaiden she had befriended - a sign of good, prosperous times. Now, as he witnessed her in her most jovial of moments, he wanted to keep that close to his heart. Velroth's steps were naturally heavy from his years of wearing weighted-down armor, but as he ascended the narrow stairs to her bedroom from the kitchen, he felt a weight that he could not shake loose. In his years, he had borne witness to many atrocities, some of those being from his own knights in how they had to break a woman's heart be it from news that her loved one had died or simply that her love was not returned. In each instance, the woman was never the same and seemed to always carry a badge of pain with her - even in moments where a woman ought to be her happiest.

"Renna?" Velroth whispered as he tapped on her door. The large oak door creaked open to her modest room. By many standards, her bedroom was fit for any noblewoman with a large canopy bed, trinkets of silver, sapphire and gold littering her shelves, a closet filled with embroidered dresses tailored to her form and tapestries of the family draping her walls. To many elves, this could have been viewed as a servant's quarters. "Renna, tell me you are decent..."

"Of course I am, brother!" She called back with a laugh. Velroth strained to find any humor as he tried to mask his pain of what was to come. "Isn't it grand?" She asked as she spun on the ball of her foot. The leaves on her silk gown seemed to fade from green to gold before Velroth's eyes - much like the trees in Northdale in the late days of Summer, just before the breath of Winter came through. Northdale was where she met him. It was where he had given her that dress.

"Is what grand?" Velroth asked to feign ignorance.

"Her ladyship was telling me of a fetching Human man. His hair was dark like the soft soil beneath the trees and his eyes--" The handmaiden began to spin the tale as if she were reciting erotic poetry.

"Yes, his eyes!" Rennali swooned mockingly to her own admiration of the man. "His eyes were like the sea after a storm... A green with a forboding gray tint to them. I could stare at them for hours."

"And likely be labeled a silly girl with no sense in her head." Velroth chimed in as if to playfully scold his sister. "No man wants to be with a woman who cannot compose herself in his sight."

Rennali glanced to Velroth and smiled in such a way that as happy as she was - simply glowing from how her heart blossomed - he found himself equally as entrenched by pain he could not show. "Do you think I ought to be aloof and allow him to think I have no interest? I do not wish to be coy with my emotions as some. I would not wish to lose a love that might become the greatest love--"

"Of all time!" The handmaiden interjected, which made the two women burst into a fit of laughter. As the handmaiden caught Velroth's stern glare, her laughter stopped abruptly; her head dipping in apology. When it was only her laughter that echoed back, Rennali stopped and looked to her brother's hardening features. The handmaiden wasted no time in remembering her place and scurrying around Velroth and vanishing into the darkness of the hallway behind him like a mouse being given warning by a dog.

"We were only--" Rennali began.

"I know what you were only doing, Renna," Velroth grunted. "You were swooning over some militant man from Lordaeron as if you had never seen one before."

"I'm sorry..." she whispered in a low tone. "I am simply--"

"You are taken by a man who is younger than yourself by many years." Velroth pointed out. While in their society, an age was no different than a day, the difference between herself and the human male she had found herself smitten with was now vastly changed. "He is mortal; you are elf-kind. This is only a dream."

Rennali stood looking at her brother for the longest time. No more than a few hours before, he had shared in her girlish fantasies of the man and now... Now he acted as if she were attempting to blaspheme Belore's name in speech and deed. Feeling a bit haughty on the issue, she puffed out her chest and gave her brother - her protector and surrogate father - a deep frown.

"Then I will see what father says. I feel this will be a most advantageous marriage." She snapped to him as she tried to squeeze between Velroth's hulking form and he narrow passage of her doorway. For a few moments, Velroth enacted himself as a barrier, knowing what lay in wait beyond the sanctity of the gardens outside. Seeing his sister's determination caused him to move and suddenly regret doing so. It was his father's will that he be the one to do it, and yet, it was Velroth's will that she be allowed to choose the course of her own destiny.

You will never know her burden, Velroth - Rennali's mother Analisa once told him - and for that, I must ask that you watch over her as Belore watches over us in nightfall through the eyes of the stars.

It was about this time Velroth wished he had her burden for her...

Rennali entered her father's parlor in much the same way as anyone else who might have not been invited: she knocked and announced her presence as formal as she could. To her surprise, Anadorian had been expecting her and ushered her in toward a chaise lounge that seemed to have been set up for company. "You expected me, Father?" she asked in her surprise.

"I did, my daughter," he cooed to her as his long, bony hand motioned for her to sit. Such an occasion where he offered her kindness was not wasted on the girl with pauses for formality. Quickly, she took the seat intended for her and watched her father's lithe form walk about his room like a wraith who carried a golden halo of hair atop its head. "I am told that you have found a suitor that has made you blind to all else."

Rennali perked at her father's soothing tone; a possible sign that she would be given approval where she had once thought approval was not capable. "Yes," she replied cheerfully. "He is--"

"Human," Anadorian interjected.

"Yes..." Rennali replied cautiously as she toned down her initial happiness so as not to seem flighty or immature. "He is an honorable man from Lordaeron who has left from Northdale to the larger city at his sovereign's request. He strives to be as his father and become something greater - a paladin-knight, perhaps."

Anadorian nodded, pouring himself tea as he listened to her masked joy. "He is mortal..."

"I know this." Rennali said.

"Even if your precious human survives his time in his regiment, you will still be parted. At some point, my daughter, you will have to taste the bitterness of mortality," Anadorian commented as he stood with his teacup in hand. Rennali's stare lingered on the floor before her as his words seemed to strike a raw nerve. "He may make himself a glorified paladin and have himself exalted above all others. Whether by the sword or by time, he will die, and when this happens, my daughter, there will be no comfort to ease the pain of his passing. As you say your unwilling farewells, you will dwell - bound to your grief - until the long years of your life are utterly spent."

Anadorian turned to look to his youngest child. Rennali had not moved, yet her eyes had been made dim by his words; tears clinging to her lashes as the thought of losing someone she had loved with no fault of her own would die... and she would still live on for hundreds more years clinging to the thought of his passing as if it happened everyday since.

"Rennali," he murmured to her in a baritone. "You cannot marry this man. I could not bear to watch you sink into shadow over something as trivial as a human's passing."

She finally glanced up to her father and heaved a sigh. "As you wish, Father."

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So, I hear we're neighbors?
01/27/2013 10:37 AMPosted by Allebrom
So, I hear we're neighbors?

We want our cup of sugar back.
House Sunwhisper is pretty much best house.
I'll have to stop by and say "hi" next time I'm in the Hinterlands for whatever reason. Assuming death knights don't give you the heebie jeebies.
01/27/2013 11:46 AMPosted by Ceriseth
I'll have to stop by and say "hi" next time I'm in the Hinterlands for whatever reason. Assuming death knights don't give you the heebie jeebies.

Nah. We don't mind them so long as they don't decompose on the carpet.
I'll have you know, good madam, my constitution is perfectly intact! My geist, Gimpy, is also a perfect house guest! Isn't that right, Gimpy?

Gimpy: "Mrrrrrrrr Arrrghhble!" (Translation: "Quite so.")

Though I'd understand if you'd prefer me to leash him outside. Truth be told I think he likes it...
All ghouls must be left outside. We let one in once... we still have stains.
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We really need to come over for a feast some time when we're not losing battles.

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