Stupid girl trying to reforge?

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So I've never had a level 90 character before. I'm lvl 88 currently and I've been getting all these hints that I should start thinking about reforging and gemming, etc.

I've downloaded the addon 'ReforgeLite' but all I see (I'm an English Major, sue me); is a whole bunch of buttons and percentages.

My damage has been suffering lately. Below level 80 I was on the top of the damage charts and almost always top DPS and I held threat really well. Then suddenly, I hit level 80 and BAMB! I'm scaling near the bottom of the damage charts, it takes me full minutes to finish off monsters whilst questing and over-all, it sucks hozan-balls.

So I got figuring that maybe there was something wrong with my armour and that once I reach level 90 and get the armour I want, I should tweak things a little so that I'm not longer Pitiful Protection Pally and more Pwoar what a babe protection pally.

I know basic things from scouring the internet and watching YouTube clips but it's confusing to me. I haven't played WoW in a while and it's probably the only character-development game I've ever played... (in fact, it's pretty much the only game I've ever played).

HIT = 7.5%

^ Yup, that's all I know that should be happening. And that haste/mastery come next in priority.

So that's great. I know what I need to change. But then all the guides I read say: "CHECK YOUR STAT WEIGHT" ... what is a STAT weight?

Can ANYONE, I dunno ... help a technologically retarded individual out? I don't want to be the only level 90 with armour that looks like a mentally unstable child fiddled around with it at lunch time. I liked being one of the best and I really hate being weak and laughable.

And for all that is divine and holy, if someone links me a page that doesn't use proper English (English, not maths... and preferably written by someone who hasn't spent their entire life playing dungeons and dragons and knows all these funky little words I've never even heard of)

Feel free to check out my character and criticise... I think it's almost laughable myself!

Use the default setting in ReforgeLite.

To do so, go to a reforger and a second box should appear: Go to presets-Protection paladin, hit calculate->show->reforge and you're done.
Honestly, dont bother till you're 90

But when you hit 90

01/28/2013 02:52 AMPosted by Isiildur
Use the default setting in ReforgeLite.
What you have to realize is that as you get near to lvl 90, the less damage you'll be doing. The only time you will have high damage is 25 man raids or cuz of the boss mechanics.

In term of ReforgeLite, as said the above stated use the default settings, don't worry about the stat weight. You can use the simple view to rank the stats you want priority at. After you get hit and expertise cap, you can actually play around on if you want haste to rank over mastery or vice versa depending on your play style. If you're not used to the timings and want more leeway go for mastery. Dodge is the worst stat and should be ranked last.
First, it's not worth reforging at all til you get to endgame. Second, blizz took away a lot of prot damage, so yeah in tank gear our dps is crap now. Third, the hit cap for raids is 8%, but if mobs are only 2 levels higher than you, 7% is prolly fine. Also, tanks aren't using hit in mop, for tanking that is. Some hit is fine, but none is fine too. Exp cap is 26. Again, it's not top priority and other stats will likely raise your dps more. Personally, I'd like to tank with hit and exp caps but I fear that will have to wait for end-of-expansion gear.
So the addon is probably guiding you to reforge for maximum avoidance, which helps zilch with damage. Oh, and reforging is great for using a piece of dps gear with say, hit/crit, to tank in... reforge crit to avoidance. I'd say use dps gear for leveling since mobs won't kill you in prot spec anyway. By the way, you can tank reg dungeons in dps gear and get away with it....I don't recommend doing that on purpose, but 2 or 3 pieces of dps gear in your tank set won't hurt anything.
I've noticed a lot of times where the prot piece in a tier has a lot less str than the ret piece has. Another thing, the prot gear from heroics has more str than prot gear from raids... so tanks do more dps in heroic gear than raid gear. That's intended to be compensated for by vengeance, and it is, but does less dps when you're solo on a mob that hits like a wet noodle.
One other thing, tanks have really good aoe's. I don't know if this figures into your play style, but you can work it to your advantage. Pull as many mobs as you can get, consecrate, hotr, holy wrath.... or if you like killing them one at a time, maybe you want to get glyph of focused shield and glyph of focused wrath. Those are bad for tanking dungeons, though. I hope this helps.
Some hit is fine, but none is fine too. Exp cap is 26. Again, it's not top priority and other stats will likely raise your dps more.



Capping Hit and hard capping Expertise is the first priority as a Tank.
Master Dwarf, Sir... things have changed since Cata. Your advice on hit/exp caps are waaaay off.
More importantly, STOP NECROING THREADS. Seriously, like four in the last hour, dude.

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