Hey i need a little help with something

Greetings paladins i need some help a friend of mine just rushed a ret pally to 90 to do pvp with me. Hes down because he cant find anyone who is at least over 1700 rating that's ret they are all holy any one know someone who is up that high or even higher please post armory link will be greatly appreciated! NOTE: Must be Ret in Ret gear.
Instead of trying to copy an armory, which can lead to no end of problems, your friend would be better served reading a guide.

Well its not that hes down because that from what he sees any ret pally can only get up to 1550 and then cant get any higher. His thing gos off confidence is the reason why hes down if he can see someone who has it hes like "Ok then there is hope that i can get that high" kind of thing! ya get me?
If you friend insists on being Ret, then you two should likely find a third person.

I haven't played Ret very much, if really at all, but I've heard they have phenomenal burst when they use all their cooldowns. The problem is living long enough.
Yea its kind of like that and we have noticed it to be like that as well when it comes to bursting. We are working twords a 5s team and a 3s teams so im hopeing that it can go well.

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