25m[H] - 5/16H LF DPS and Heals!

Guild Recruitment
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Hello and welcome to <Audacity>

Progression: 16/16Normal 5/16Heroic

Raiding Info:

Tues, Wed & Thurs
8:00-11:00 pm EST (ServerTime)
Loot System: EPGP

Currently Recruiting:


1x Boomkin
1x Warlock


1x Mistweaver Monk
OR 1x Resto Shaman

We are a 25man Semi- Casual Raiding Guild. To be considered you should have heroic raiding experience in previous tiers of content.

A history lesson
Audacity is a 25man guild that originally formed in 2009, And yes, 25 man guilds still do exist and thrive in WoW! We believe that it's important to play with players we're comfortable with - both skill and personality-wise, so we recruit solid raiders that fit in well with our guild's unique atmosphere. We work well as a team and continue to enjoy new content that Blizzard throws our way, but try not to take ourselves too serious in the process.

We raid 3 days a week. We feel this allows the balance between able to maintain progress and preventing burn out through constant raiding. So we are not a guild that is going to necessarily get realm firsts, but we do aim to be competitive within the limits of our schedule and clear all content while it is current, without losing our wives and girlfriends over it.

Audacity is an adult guild, and the atmosphere in vent can be of an adult nature, not so much with the language but the content, so if you are under 18 and planning on applying understand that your age will weigh heavily against you.

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In-game Contact any officer: Kadath, Avocado, Pandasauced, Gunks or Afker. If none are online, please feel free to speak with any guildmember for assistance!

Website: http://aud.guildlaunch.com

We respond to applications in a timely manner – please check back at our website for feedback!
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All raids are clothing optional!
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can't decide if I want to make lasagna or order in! :D
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I'm full of surprises ;)

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