a complete quest list?

is there a place where we can tick off quests that we complete? none of the addons do it for me
When you say none of the addons do it for you I guess you have not tried the addons Wholly and Grail, because together they will track all the quests you have done and know which ones you can complete based on prerequisites, incompatibilities, etc. If, however, you mean none of the addons are exactly what you are looking for, perhaps you can describe your problem more?
I did try wholly and grail. I couldn't figure it out. Could not see the complete list of quests.
Open up the preferences panel for Wholly. You can see the first set of options are the base quests that are used to make the list of quests for any "zone" you have selected. Normally, the base quests consist of only quests that you are able to get, but you can set the checks so all the quests you have completed (turned in), quests that need prerequisites, and quests you cannot obtain (for one or more of many reasons) can be included in this list of quests. Then the next section filters out quests of many kinds if their check boxes are not checked. So, if you want all the quests to appear for any "zone", just check all the boxes in the base quests and the filters sections. In the Wholly quest log you will see all the names of the quests and they will be colored based on their "status" -- green being completed (turned in), red needs prerequisites, brown are not available, blue are dailies or repeatables, yellow are ready to accept, etc. The colors match the colors in the preference panel. If you need further help, please make an entry in the forum at http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/wholly/forum/ to better describe what you need.
ok thank you so much

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