Twinking 80-84 and 85-89 -- On the Horizon

(A quick scan of the forums suggests that it's obviously time for some education ...)

For the numerous members of the twink community that do not understand the potential (and likely) effect of the upcoming change, it is VERY simple:

(This is written in the context of the 85-89 bracket, but applies to the 80-84 bracket as well.)

Based Blizz's limited description** of the upcoming change, 85 twinks may lose most of their effectiveness relative to 89 twinks. (For those who do not understand:) An 80 twink, in almost all cases, is far more effective than an 89 twink BECAUSE of stat scaling at level 80 - specifically, crit scaling, mastery scaling, pvp power scaling and haste scaling. (Resilience scaling helps a good bit as well.) The combined effect on DPS typically equates to burst DPS of around 35-45k at 85 (this does not account for on-use items and procs, which can increase burst to over 60k). In contrast, best-in-slot gear for any DPS spec at 89 will result in burst DPS to easily less than 50% of that, if not 25%. This is not a topic of discussion, it is a fact due the mathematical computations used to determine damage and healing in wow. If you don't believe it, test it yourself.

** NOTE: It is possible, however unlikely, that the effect of the upcoming change will be mitigated considerably if Blizz chose the wording of its patch notes very carefully. By this I mean that Blizz only mentioned the scaling of hit and crit. If pvp power, mastery and haste are not affected by the adjustment, the overall effect on an 85 twink won't be as devastating.

I wish I had time to explain more (provide examples, delineate why Blizz has decided to do this, etc.) but time is money ...

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