Centered 9/16H 10man looking for hybrid dps

We are currently looking for a balance druid, shadow priest or elemental shaman who is comfortable with healing in case we are short a healer for any given night.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday, Monday from 5:30pm to 9:30pm server time. If you are interested and would like more information please send an in-game mail to Cohu.
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Updated recruitment needs.
Updated post.
Still looking for a hybrid dps and a tank.
Centered ,

Use to be in your guild back in the day . I have much respect for your guild and all it's players !
However we have been having a hard time with one of your newest recruits their name is Biksu and his alt is purgatory .

His is still harassing players in my guild , trolling chat , making alts to try and bother myself and other guildies , I think my ignore list is full on nothing but him actually.

He is degrading to women and thinks that he is the best player on the server. He can't accept the fact he was removed from Fire and Fury for his behavior . I see him all the time in chat trolling and when I clicked on his name I see your guild tag association .

He is playing on a bought account and likes to be carried , he claims to know everything but fails at simple raid task as I'm sure you'll find out.

I don't know how he managed to squeak his way into Centered , but he can stop bragging anytime now that he is going to be carried so he can clear 16/16 content. This player is bad news and I know this isn't the type of player you guys want carrying your guild name.

Just a heads up guys!

Much respect,

Hello Pliny,

Thanks for letting me know about Biksu, he was just invited today by our weekend raid leader so I will discuss this with him.
Now only looking for a hybrid dps.
Still need a balance druid, shadow priest or elemental shaman.

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