2 healers LF late night raid group

My friend and I are refugees from a fallen guild. We are both healers with dps off spec looking for a fun, dedicated group. We are not looking for hard core. We want to have fun and down bosses. We can raid any night of the week as long as we start 8 pm or later

Holy priest 495 ilvl 4/6 heroic msv, 16/16 normal
Resto druid 495 ilvl 1/6 heroic msv 15/16 normal
Hi Naleana. My guild has similar progression to you and your friend, and I would love to chat with you in game at your earliest convenience :)


PS: Make sure you are looking closely at the guilds that are interested in you guys. Some are not as...progressed...as others :)
Still looking.

Please note that 8pm is the earliest we can start, starting later is ok, but if you raid at 6 or 7 we are not who you are looking for.
Hey there, Please check out


We've got some room for heals and we're hoping to get a reliable 25. We're not hard core but we try to be a pleasant yet progressive guild. If there are things on there that don't answer your questions please ask someone who is on, we love to help each other out.

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