im having trouble with keeping up my dps and i think it has to do somewhat with my haste?
maybe also to do so with some of my gear? my dps at the start is fine but as soon as AW goes down my dps just falls and i can probably keep it at 70k . having 1000 str over 1000 haste any better? whats the str:haste ratio?
thanks everyone for your help :)
That's it with Ret.; our DPS drops incredibly after our initial CD burst. Sustaining damage is a bit more difficult.
that i know but some ret pallys in my guild keep it up to almost 90 - 100k but thier haste is much higher than mine? should i be dropping more str for haste?
Your JC gems should be Bold, not Quick; the JC gems aren't itemized like normal gems, so you get more weight from the strength gems. Not that that's gonna be a miracle cure for your woes.

The other Rets in your guild, though, what weapon do they have? What trinkets? Do they have their four-piece? Any - and particularly all - of those would help to boost them that far above you.
From a pvp side haste helps a lot
I think recount hates us.
01/28/2013 12:07 PMPosted by Palastorm
I think recount hates us.

I think recount HASTES us.

Not sure why your haste is so low unless it's just bad itemization. Your strength is good though and you should use the Bold Serpent's Eyes. Your gemming and reforging look good. I guess it's just an awkward itemization of the gear you have and you don't have your 4 piece.

Elitist Jerks estimates, in general, 1 point of haste is worth about .54 strength. That's not always the case but overall it's a safe bet. Therefore +1000 strength is equal to about +1850 haste.
thanks everyone for the feed back

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