[A] <Weekend Warlords> 11/13H -Reforming 5.4

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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<Weekend Warlords>

We are a 10 man heroic progression guild that raids on Frostmourne US Alliance, been raiding (not as a guild, individually) since Vanilla wow, cleared all heroic content since, and plan to keep it going. Bunch of friends that originate mostly from Australia and Singapore, only started raiding as a full guild mid December 2012

Recruiting the classes/specs as listed:

    Disc Priest
    Plate Tank

Raid times are as follows

Friday - 7pm +8 GMT (10pm AEST-ST)
Saturday - 11am +8 GMT (2pm AEST-ST)
Sunday - 11am +8 GMT (2pm AEST-ST)

We don't use weird loot rules in here, you need loot, take it. And neither do unusual rank systems exist in our guild, we are just a bunch of casual pros raiding hardcore, ironic. We use Mumble 1.2.3 as our choice of VOIP.

Apply at:



Feel free to pst anyone from guild, for a more detailed chat. We don't bite! Unless you're into that kinda stuff.


can i join?
Vouch these guys, solid players.....looking to clear hmodes? Weekend Warlords is the place! GL bro's
Cheers kash! :D
jjs914fw9234 <----- my WoW password. I want to join.
Curious as to what his battletag is that way i don't have to hunt him down
I regret... Not joining earlier.
Please, no more wind bombs!
Mikael I've got a geared mage, What is your battletag lol
Hey! Its Imran#1110
me join pls
Keep them apps coming!
Best Team Ever :D
Dk openings?
No, Sunny NO!
big bump for recruitment!

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