Gold Challenge Modes - LFM

I'm looking for more people or to join a existing group to hammer out all the gold challenge modes, I want that xmog gear! looks sooo sick on an orc!

im a surv hunter so lol 200k+ dps on trash, and 80k+ dps on bosses

hit me up here, or in game if your down!

Posting your DPS is somewhat useless. Do not forget, your gear is scaled down in challenge modes.

Id also get those last pieces of gear enchanted.
I'm well aware gear is scaled down, but still survival hunter = lol dps
and I'm hardly worried about enchanting gear I plan on replacing soon as it drops :P (hopefully tomorrow)
my good gear is all enchanted fully naturally.

just looking for others to roflstomp through challenge modes, which hardly seem challenging.
I have been trying to find a group for these as the mage set is awesome, so I'd personally be down. I havent had a chance to do it one on my mage, as ive only done one on my monk. (ToTJS.)
Idk if still up there i wouldn't mind do some challenge mode dungeons i want that druid set badly.
I'll heal on my palla if you get a good group going
It hurts me to see how little interest there is for challenge modes. please look me up, i'd love to tank them.
I am interested if your still looking for people. I can heal or DPS
Hey Bulgrim. I am hoping you are still looking for people for your Challenge mode group. If so I am always ready for some CMs
I haven't done any challenge modes yet, But I have done a lot of research into them. If you're still looking for a DPS, I wouldn't mind joining your group! :)

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