LFM A Change of Command (Horde)

Looking for more people to complete this hard to find people for quest. I'm DPS so looking for a tank, a couple healers and 4-5 DPS.
I'd love to join a group for a change of command.
Sign me up - I would love to finish this quest up.

FYI: you're overkilling if you're really needing a couple healers. Did this for a guildie over the weekend - one healer, one tank ... I think four dps? Maybe a fifth one showed up when we were part way through.

Avoid his whirlwind, get out of the way of his gunfire, and interrupt his alarm.

Can't wait to do it again for myself (1400 odd VP to go ... I miss too many weeks of play with my schedule!)
2 healers helps. twinbraid and bloodhilt hit like semi's.

getting together a group is the hard part (i don't know why).
I need in aswell,...battletag goommar#1378 fury warrior
i need it 2
Well I'm still looking to do this with my fury warrior Goommar#1378. I'm on very early about 5am east coast time and I'm on a low pop server so that makes it even that much harder to find group.
k so looks like theres a few people interestred now looking at trying to get this done this weekend. Thinking of a couple of times (Friday night anytime from 6PM-12AM) or (Saturday 3PM- 12AM) Central time
Thinking I can make it on saturday
I need this as well, for my fury warr

Btag: Azkaiel#6195
I am good anytime on Friday.
Doing now - message me for invite.

Quest finished. Thank you to everyone who participated.
Well like Lexonidas said we completed this but if you have me Real ID'd i am more than willing to help anyone else get it done
Dang, missed it. Well, still need help for this, if anyone still keen to do it.
LF more for this quest.. battletag is Jayde#1324
Spaz419#1924 will be on sunday need group please!!!

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