Soloing Old Content

I am wondering what most people prefer, prot or ret spec, for soloing old content. Prot has the ability to survive in my opinion, but ret does way more dps. So what do you think about these two specs for soloing old content?
I preffered prot. But it seems like in MoP, Blizz nerfed prot's dps for soloing. This slows down my prot leveling too.
Depends on what content. Anything prior to Wrath, Ret is far superior; most of Wrath content should be doable as Ret, but anything where you're taking massive damage would likely be done better as Prot.
Until you get to Wrath 25s, minus a few select fights like Patchwerk perhaps, use Ret.
Used to do them as Prot, now I just do them as Ret and blow them up before they can do very much. Of course I don't do anything harder than Onyxia.

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