Pre Raid Ret Gearing Help Please!!!

Hello, I've always tanked with my Pally for the most part. In Cata I did some Ret PvP then left once I got bored. I just came back and am trying to get geared up for raiding with my buddies and have no idea what I should shoot for before I start raiding with them.

I was hoping to put together a Pre raid Gear list to get with enchants and geming advice.

Now i'm not the smartest guy with this game so I have some mixed stuff going on but thats because when I came back I lvl'd to 90 as tank still and what not so my gear is a little funky to say the least but im trying.

What im asking for specifically is a Set gear list with enchant and gems for pre MOP raid content 10 man.

I've tried googling this and haven't found much and was hopping the community could help.

Thank you in advance.

Here is my Armory:
Here's my comment on this, even though it's not what you asked for.
As much as a set gear list may help you in terms of what you're looking for, it's never entirely feasable (spelling?) in the fact that you could be passing up other pieces in the hopes of getting one specific drop. RNG is a !@#$%.
raid/VP gear>malevolent>heroic dungeon blues>dreadful>contender's

Get an ilvl of 463-465 from heroics and any other way you can think. Gem and enchant it properly with str>haste>crit=mastery statweights. reach hit/expertise caps. run LFR part 1 and 2 of MSV. use a token on elegon for the sword. Regem and reforge for any upgrades you got.
Run other LFRs if you meet the ilvl req.

The first boss isnt a joke if your tanks don't know what they're doing. don't expect a Morchok.

Just run dungeons over and over for JP and blues, upgrade your weapon with JP and dump extra JP into upgrades after you have a full set.
Basically, anything with strength, but without dodge and parry on it, is what you're gonna be looking for. Any item with haste is likely better than any other, though, so just pay attention to drops. Carbonic Carbuncle out of heroic Stormstout Brewery and Lessons of the Darkmaster from heroic Scholomance are going to be your BiS trinks, though, unless you can afford a Tiger Deck - 'cause that's pretty much BiS until heroic Lei Shi.

It's actually the third sticky. >.>
No one reads stickies. I assume it's Inquisition hard. lolz.'s Inquisition hard.

I'm'na use that. LOL
I realize stat wise what to build. I just needed an idea of what gear to buy name wise so i know what to work towards. Cayse answered my question for me. Thanks everyone

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