[H] Criticism 11/13H. 3day, T-Th 6-9 PST.

Area 52
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Bump <3
Come apply!
app in (finally) lol
How about a 488 Hunter?
We are looking for an experienced tank for Heroic Progression. Please apply or reach out to me on Battle.net @ Blue#1245
Come Apply!
!!! :D
as said, we can still use a tank and a few good rdps...
bump for Heroic Lei Shi kill!
Bump <3
we could use some good dps :) bump!
As said earlier, interested in a 488 hunter?
We're always on the lookout for qualified individuals regardless of class (though ilv488 may put you in the gear-alts-and-new-mains-for-5.2 runs more than progression runs)... I'd say come app :D
Experienced range dps and tanks throw down an app ;)
Is valcross still there?
id be interested.
bump for a couple normal kills!
up, up, and away!

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