WTS level 25 guild, Horde

Selling level 25 guild horde side. No members. 7 bank tabs (FYI, seven tabs cost 19,350g).

Not a lot but a decent amount of completed achievements (465 achievement points), but a fair amount of progress on many that aren't completed. Click on the guild name next to my avatar for specifics.

Feel free to make an offer, however, I'll take the first person to offer 100k as a buyout.
Still available; whisper me or leave in-game mail if interested.
bump, still available
Lots of tire-kickers but nothing serious yet; still available.
bump for the weekend, still available.
Sunday morning bump
Hey I'd be interested, is it still available?
02/05/2013 10:13 AMPosted by Piitch
Hey I'd be interested, is it still available?

Yes, whisper me online or leave me in-game mail when you're usually online.
Still available.
Still selling?
Still selling?

Yes, if anyone is interested in purchasing a level 25 guild, whisper me, or send me in-game mail when you'd be available to chat.
KK, added you to my friends list. Will try to catch you online.

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