AFTER HOURS: PVE Group LF Adult players

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Are you a working adult? A young adult in school or with a job? Do you enjoy playing WoW on a semi-regular basis, but not attached to it by the hip? Tired of trolls, epeening kids, etc? If so, then we are looking for you. The Vanguard is currently undergoing massive change with the addition of Flex Raiding, and thus we are recruiting "semi-well" adjusted adult players of like minded persuasion.

New to the game? No problem, the game can be a little intimadating for being so old, but we welcome new players. Come here to learn, we don't mind sharing what we know about the game, without the elitist attitude to go along with it.


Previously we had focused on semi-hardcore raiding with a focus on end game, competing in Illidan's top 40, 20 and 60 ranges in terms of guilds and slightly higher than that in 10 man raiding. It should come as no surprise that this process is exhausting, can lead to some tension, and overall has its own downsides.
However, with Flex Raiding and new game play changes coming from devs we're about to change all of that. Our focus is going to be good old fashion fun. Our attention is going to be our players and the game in general. With that in mind we are ditching our old 10 man raid roster, and rolling out a blast from the past, to get all guildies involved.

The After Hours Program:

After Hours is a new idea we are tossing around for guild activity, and its what it sounds like. With Flex Raiding being a new addition this is something we would implement along with casual raiding on the side. What this means is, there will be no strict raiding schedule. Raid when you want, when you can with, other guildies. Say you work a 9 to 5 or somewhere in between. If you feel like hoping in game to join us for a run maybe an hour maybe a little bit more. The point is there will be no strenuous raid schedule to adhere to, your time then won't be spent with a strong focus on raiding, rather a focus with being part of the guild.
For that reason we want to make raiding something akin to asking guildies to come in and queue for a 5 man dungeon or help with an achievement. In essence, something light hearted without all the stress, you get enough of that all day.

The following is our available times in which we will do some type of group activity, i.e. world bosses, raiding (Flex or Normal) depending:
Fri 6:30 pm to 11pm PST
Mon 6:30 pm to 11pm PST
Tues 6:30 pm to 11pm PST
Wed 6:30 pm to 11pm PST
Thurs 6:30 pm to 11pm PST

Miss a day can't log on? No sweat, again there is no set in stone raid roster. Thanks to new game developments we will simply be rolling out raid teams and mix and matching players for one day of raiding with another if needed. Its a game after all, we should all play how we want.
There is no pressure, and we are willing to work with other players interested in our guild activities. To find out more about us or to get a guild invite you can do one of the following or all:


realid: Argeas #1726

any officer on US-Illidan in guild:

Thanks for reading!
Bump. Still looking. ASAP. Contact in game via battletag or here. Or with the following officers:

still looking, weekend raiding 8/16 Heroic Progression. Next stop Will of The Emperor.
Recruiting Prot warriors?
Main is 12/16 heroic i can play my warrior just as good.
Not recruiting tanks atm :\, but desperately need a solid lock. Might have our mage situation worked out but we could always use back-up dps.

Also need a solid RET DPS with Heal offspec as backup. Guranteed solid spot for a few months while our ret pally is on hiatus. (may become perm after that depending on his work schedule) You'd have big hooves to fill though he's a really cool raider.

Very chill group only 9 hours of raiding a week, with good progression.
Hey, im interested in joining

Battle tag: Gazlub#1563
Sure thing, I'll add you and we can talk in game. I was just checking out your character sheet though, we really are looking for an affliction lock if we get a lock however, but we'll consider all options.

Still need standby positions regardless though. See ya in game in a few.
Just a reminder, if I'm not on my realID you can contact anyone in the Magisterium and ask for these captains:


My battletag: Argeas#1726

LF backup healers (2)
2 range dps (2)
or 1 Ret pally dps with Holy OS. Have at least 4/6 or 5/6 Heroic MSV.
Still looking as of today, message away here or in game.

We are 8/16 HM Raids
LF 2 healers, 1 AFF Lock, and 1 Ret Pally or Windwalker with OS Heals for Heroic raiding 10 mans core spot. Fri, Sat, Sun, @ 7pm until 10:30pm server. We are 8/16 Heroic.

Now only LF 2 healers (Disc Priest and Shaman), & 1 AFF Lock, for Heroic raiding 10 mans core spot. Fri, Sat, Sun, @ 7pm until 10:30pm server. We are 8/16 Heroic.

Now only LF 2 healers (Disc Priest and Holy Pally), & 1 AFF Lock, for Heroic raiding 10 mans core spot. Fri, Sat, Sun, @ 7pm until 10:30pm server. We are 8/16 Heroic.
I'm not an affliction warlock, but I strive to become one. I do at least 5 DPS and I am always eager to learn. L2P here skillmare.

Now only LF 1 healer (Disc Priest), & 1 AFF Lock, for Heroic raiding 10 mans core spot. Fri, Sat, Sun, @ 7pm until 10:30pm server. We are 8/16 Heroic.
02/01/2013 10:46 AMPosted by Lukenukem L2P here skillmare.
You and I play very similarly. We neither use a portal, but that's because I'm a level 1. :(
02/01/2013 10:46 AMPosted by Lukenukem L2P here skillmare.
So, who were you talking to on the phone?
Hit me up if your still looking for mage dps.


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