Need tips for Challenge mode Gold as a Ret.

I was wondering what talents and stats would a ret pally use for challenge modes since it's ALOT different than raids.

I'm guessing Str>haste as far as gemming goes for dungeons?
Did you gem str or just went with raid setup and kept the haste gems?
01/26/2013 02:05 PMPosted by Regerin
Did you gem str or just went with raid setup and kept the haste gems?

Your gear wont matter because everything is scaled down to ilvl 463. There are certain pieces of gear that are more beneficial than others even with the scale down (trinkets)

As for talents Lights hammer and Holy Avenger are MUST haves because of the amount of AoE damage it brings and trash mobs being the most dangerous mobs in each instance, you want them dead quick.

As far as support make sure you have Hand of Sacrifice and BoP at the ready in case some pulls get hectic for your tank and healer. Any pull larger than 3 mobs I always had Hand of Sacrifice up on the tank. Certain pulls right off the bat deal massive damage to your tank so stunning mobs immediately is very helpful. Also make sure you're interrupting spell casting mobs every chance you get.

As long as you support your party members with healing or hand spells and maintain a good rotation of damage on trash and bosses you should have few issues.

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