The Acclaimed(10)(Alliance) Raid Recruiting!

Greetings! <The Acclaimed> (10 man) (level 25) – Zul’jin - is currently recruiting the following roles/classes specifically in order to refill our core raid group after a brief hiatus from raiding post-DS for patch 5.2:

*Preference for item levels above 480+ will be given for progression reasons *

Tanks: Medium
DPS: Medium
Healers: Medium

5.1 Progression:
Due to our hiatus, we are currently 6/6 in MSV and 3/6 in Heart of Fear, as well as 1/12 in ToT.

We will be continuing the latter portion of 5.1 content post-5.2 for approximately a couple of weeks, in order to more properly gear for the Throne of Thunder, thus applying now can afford you a chance to more properly catch up as well!

Raid Times:
Raid times begin at 7:30pm(EST)and end at 11:00pm(EST) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Attendance Policy:
90% Attendance is required in order to be a core raid member.

Loot Policy:
Loot will be distributed on a loot council basis, with a heavy emphasis on performance and need of upgrade.

About Us:
Despite the seemingly strict expectations though, we are fun-loving raid team seeking to
focus, kill bosses, and enjoy doing it.

No prior experience is REQUIRED, however, intimate knowledge of your class mechanics and basic fight mechanics, i.e., the age-old rule of don’t stand in fire, ARE. Of course, any prior raid experience (Vanilla, BC, Wrath, etc.) in a guild/hardcore environment greatly increases the attractiveness regarding attaining a permanent raid spot.

Thank you for your time;

For any further information, please feel free to post on this thread or to message Zaerri#1764 (aka Saellyn) or Helltempest in-game at any time.
bump! Still eagerly seeking a mage and priest!
bump--still looking for exceptional players!
bump! Looking heavily for that healer.. ;)
Bump! Starting trial runs with potential applicants the coming week! Always accepting exceptional raiders!
Seeking a solidly geared plate dps!
bump for a couple of DPS to further round things out (a ranged and a melee!)
Bump for a more open recruitment going into 5.2!!
i am a 491 Shadow priest, i am really looking for a core team, i know my class very well and always one of the top DPS in my other raids and would love to talk to you about joining.
I am a 488 retribution paladin. Most of my raid experience is in Dragon Soul, and a little bit in ICC. I have currently progressed up to Garalon. I am always looking into ways to improve my game and be the best I can be individually for the betterment of the team. I feel my numbers are strong, and survivability is strong. Looking to be apart of a core group that focuses on progression and knows what it takes to achieve that, and has fun doing it.
I'd absolutely love to speak to you both in game, and we can absolutely see if we can work something out. I believe that I just may have a spot for the both of you. Feel free to add my battle-tag Zaerri#1764 in game or send a tell to Saellyn once the servers are back up, and we can talk logistics. ;)
Awesome! Actually I first heard about your guild from my brother Jacoras, who did HoF with you guys I believe last week on his Shadow Priest. And I think a couple others from the guild I'm in just jumped ship last night and landed on yours. Valark, Bootyshock, and maybe Berrac. I'm not 100% sure if that's where they ended up, but either way I'm just trying to find a home and a progressive minded group.
That's awesome man. The more the merrier! Also, I <3 myself some Jacoras, so as soon as the servers come back up and you're on, I should be as well and we can discuss everything in detail via chat/vent. ;) Glad to hear that he thought so highly of us.
bump for tanks!
bumping for a second tank!
Bumping for open recruitment regarding casuals, raiders, and PvPers as we round out the raid team!

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