[H] Arcadia / 10man / 04/12 ToT / RECRUITING

Arcadia is an established 10 man progression guild based on the oceanic realm - Barthilas (Horde side)

We're a guild of mature adults who enjoy working as a team to progress through current content at a steady pace.

More information can be found below :)

Should you be interested please feel free to contact me directly via Battletag - Bel#1737, or for our GM: Gwen#1299

Tier 15:
[04/12] Normal Mode
Tier 14
[16/16] Normal Mode
[06/16] Heroic Mode

Raid Times:
Wed - 8:00pm - 10:30pm
Fri/Sat - 8:00pm - 12:00am
*Please note times are based off Barthilas server time

High priority recruits atm:
  • Tank (Any class)
  • DPS (No Hunter/Warrior)

  • Basic Expectations:
  • Good raid awareness
  • Mature (18+)
  • Drama free
  • Dependable attendance

  • What you can expect from us:
  • A fun and social group of friends who like to take our raiding seriously - but still love to have a laugh!

  • Other Information:
    Website: http://arcanum.net.au/
    Loot System: Suicide Kings
    Communication: Mumble
    Heroic Blade Lord down!

    Still searching for:

    1x Exceptional Tank
    1x Exceptional Melee DPS
    You know you want to
    Two nights a week sounds nice, but Friday/Saturday?
    This would be a 3 night a week raiding schedule with Friday and Saturday having the same start and end times.

    EDIT: Oh, and we are still after a tank to add to our roster.
    Heroic SK down.

    Still looking for:

    1x Exceptional Tank
    1x Exceptional Melee DPS
    Still seeking some new recruits!
    5.2 is incoming!
    wtb tank
    wtb recruits and people who raid normals/heroics!
    5.2 Now live! LF more for ToT progression!
    Still looking.... still looking....... Come one come all!
    I would be interested in applying or trial. I checked ur website but couldn't find an application form? seems kinda odd to recruit exceptional players via wow forums. Here's a link to a application just done i was planning to change servers but id rather stay should the opportunity present itself. http://conviction.needs-more.cc/index.php/topic,4799.0.html
    Character Name / Class / Realm:

    How long have you played your class?
    Started playing my pally in 2009- /Played Time: 140days
    Talents: Speed of light or Pursuit of Justice depending on the fight, PoJ makes good raid positioning easier. SoL i would use for fights such as Blade lord Ta'yak to burst through the Storm Unleashed corridor faster.
    Fist of justice pretty self explanatory crowd control and can be used as an interrupt on certain mobs.
    Eternal Flame must be maintained on tanks at all times when possible. Sacred Shield is better until break point, because EF also grants illuminated healing, giving a bubble greater than SS as well as tick heals.
    Hand Of Purity got buffed in 5.2 also giving 10% reduction in all damage for 6 secs. I generally rotate this with Divine protection and Hand of Sacrifice on tanks in time of high damage,they can also be used around the raid group IF/WHEN is needed. (mainly cause some tard stands in something)
    Divine Purpose is pretty self explanatory again, ur next ability used that takes HP charges use no charges and cast as if 3 were used, it gives way more sustained healing than sanctified wrath. SW tends to burns mana and generate alot of single target over healing, also avenging wrath stacks well with Divine Favour so no point boosting it more.
    Lights Hammer Gives a semi decent AOE heal and offers some CC effect for some adds reducing movement speed by 50% for 2sec. I could possibly swap it out for Execution sentence if i felt the tank is squishy. But i feel the benefit of the AOE heal far out weighs the single target, generally the melee group will be close enough to the tank that Lights hammer can heal both the group and tank.

    I also feel knowledgeable with Retribution as it was my main spec until only a few months ago. I wanted to challenge myself with something new so took up healing. If you would like me to elaborate on my Ret spec please let me know. I beleave i am exceptional at both and dont mind doing either for the good of the raid group.


    Availability: All times are server time (AEST).
    8pm mon: yes
    8pm wed: yes
    8pm thu : yes
    8pm sun: yes

    I understand that the above times are server time, and can still make the above times after taking my timezone in to account:

    Notable alts:
    No Alts

    Detailed guild history:
    WotLk- Raided with Cross Briefly during WotLk Cleared all NM and 3HM before i took a break throu all of cata. (Moved interstate, new job, new wife, new house)
    Cata- Took a Break (see above)
    Mists-Raided with Purple Lobsters started 16 weeks late, we pulled alot of old raiders back together. Cleared 16/16 NM started H/M but 5.2 dropped and Guild crumbled. Hench why im here filling out this app along with the core people left from our 10man. (Compare, Tuekad)

    Link to previous guild's website:

    Previous position in guild:
    Core Raider

    Link to previous guild's combat stats (WWS/WMO/WoL/SWS):

    Are you currently applying to any other guilds?

    Please insert your character links from WoW Armory:

    References/Sponsors within <Conviction>:
    No Conviction references but my officers told me to mention them as they talked to officers within conviction about our guild dieing situation.
    Compare-Rich Teukad-Harz

    Raiding experience:
    Covered most of this in previous guild section above
    WotLk-Full Cleared NM/3HM
    Mists-Full Cleared NM/0HM

    Are you able load and run the required raiding addons (EPGPLootMaster and DBM) as well as Ventrilo?
    Yes, and i already use them.

    Do you have a fully functional microphone?
    Yes, and i use it.

    Can you stay online for the entirety of a 25-man boss encounter?

    What is your average latency during a raid?

    Screenshot of current UI:

    More about me:
    I'm 25 Married, Mature, Dedicated and reliable making me a prime candidate for any position that may be available for me.
    I'm open to criticism that is going to improve my play style or skill as i am always looking to improve.


    Geographical location:
    Australia-South Australia-Adelaide

    What do you consider to be your greatest strength:
    I am a incredibly fast learner.

    What do you consider to be your biggest weakness:
    Choosing Raiding over spending quality time with my wife.

    Do you have any other additional information to add?
    I do like a good application as i feel it attracts a better quality player, but i love a trial as it gives a real-time indication of a players skill and ability.

    You did read and agree to every part of the Conviction manifesto, didn't you?
    Hi There,

    Just wondering if you guys are still looking for a Tank? Prot Paladin 495 ilevel. Am currently at 1/12 ToT. If you are interested, look forward in having a chat. Please contact me on TheVIK#1141.

    Thank you
    Hi There,

    Just wondering if you guys are still looking for a Tank? Prot Paladin 495 ilevel. Am currently at 1/12 ToT. If you are interested, look forward in having a chat. Please contact me on TheVIK#1141.

    Thank you

    Please, mail us or contact our officers via bnet anytime!
    Awesome work 1 shotting Tortos last night! With a few very very close attempts on Megaera!

    RE: Thuggzy - please add me to battletag - Bel#1737, or for our GM: Gwen#1299 and one of us can have a chat with you about the spot.

    I will be away until Tuesday night, so please add Gwen#1299 as well :)
    Hi Delandra & Belharion,

    Thank you for your interest in wanting to chat with me. Unfortunately I have already accepted a tanking position. Gratz on your 4/12 progression and good luck.

    Thuggz (aka Thuggzy) signing off.

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