Depths of Despair-#2, IC

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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It was a good thing Maj had retrieved that large cloak from her pack before they passed through that portal; the chill combined with the disorientation almost caused her to fall if not for her sister's firm grip on her arm. Clinging to her, the small monkey shivered and pressed against her for warmth. Blinking away the disorientation she could feel Zpan tucking the cloak more securely around her and their small pet to keep them warm.

“...w-what a-about you?” the teen asked her sister through chattering teeth.

“I'm fine,” the mercenary said and now Maj noticed the full suit of mail armor her sister wore. That couldn't be very warm... “I've done a few deployments in weather like this. I can handle it.”

Leaning in on her sister's strength, Maj glanced over at the others and then at the battle-mage's back. She...wasn't sure if she liked or trusted him. It was such a pity he wasn't King Varian – she'd follow him without question and be far more reassured by his presence...

“I know that look,” Zpan's voice was soft as she murmured in the teen's ear. “Daydreaming about your crush again?”

The young teen blushed, the rise of hot blood to her cheeks warming her chilled face. “I'd feel better of he was here. That Lich wouldn't stand a chance against him.”

“He's only a man,” Zpan reminded her. “Only a mortal. Like we all are, even those who are undead – no one can escape death for long.”
Lineron turned his head towards Zpan and smiled at her. "Death does not like being cheated. I suspect that when I die again it will either be glorious or extremely gory and will probably make people laugh if they ever saw it." Carinoth looked to his uncle and put his palm in his face. "What? Death exists. And he is coming to get you." Lineron said in a mock creepy voice. Carinoth removed his palm then glared at his uncle.
"Just shut up. I would prefer to get to someplace warm as soon as possible." Lineron snickered, Carinoth glared at him one more then both there ears straightened with a sudden realization. "Do you feel it too uncle?" Lineron smiled insanely at his nephew then nodded. "Good, I can finally do this." Carinoth closed his eyes started willing the shadows to envelope him and turn him into pure shadow. What skin that showed on him turned a translucent black color which immediately enveloped his clothes. After the transformation he twirled his staff and formed a orb of pure shadow energy in his hand. It feels so good to be back in this form. I was starting to get annoyed." Carinoth said in a voice that echoed from no where. Lineron smiled at his nephew

"I wonder what Ascul will think when he see's you. He may think you are possessed by a demon." Lineron snickered at the thought. Carinoth smirked underneath his hat.
"I actually want to wait until he arrives and see's me. Seeing religious zealots reactions to my shadow form rather amuses me. Not for long though, its still cold out here." Carinoth said with his voice echoing. Lineron cackled and patted his back, being proud of his nephew finally showing some amount of emotions.
"Very well, dear nephew."
Ascul frowned when Maj called herself fat. “Jou arre not fat, little one. Infact, jou could stand to gain a little weight. Jou are far too light.” He smiled then turned to Erani. “If anyone is fat, Erani, it is jou! You eat more than I do! And it is all going strraight to jour thighs!”

Erani frowned and looked over her shoulder at her own back side and waggled her tail a bit. Hmm, she was gaining a few.

"You have no need to fear me. I have been here a very long time. I have magic beyond your ability to comprehend. The portal behind me will take you to the Valley, do not tarry. The Baron is waiting for you. He enjoys a good battle. Do be sure to give it your best," said the voice of the spider woman.

The wave of healing was a relief to the Draenei warrior as the pain on her shoulder subsided. She rolled her shoulder a few times then watched Lineron and Carinoth leave through the portal and Zpan and Maj follow shortly after him. Ascul walked to stand beside her, “Let us leave, sister.”

“I… I don’t like portals. They always make me a bit queasy.”
Ascul gave Erani a bland look then rolled his eyes. “Ve do not have time forr this!”

He grabbed his sister by the back of her shirt and dragged her along much to Erani’s protest, then forcibly tossed her into the portal and jumped in after her.

On the other side, Erani landed, ever so gracefully, on her face while Ascul landed on his feet next to her. The cold air hit them like a brick, and Erani sat up and shivered. Ascul didn’t seem as bothered by his sister, but of course, he was just as cold as she was only he was more interested in the fact that his mana was almost completely replenished. He smiled and cast a levitation spell to get Erani back on her hooves. Erani flailed for a moment in surprise as he did so before he gently set her back down. The he spotted Carinoth’s shadow form and scowled but decided it was not worth getting into yet another argument with Erani to badger him so instead he opted to ignore him. Erani on the other hand hurried to walk beside Lineron. Ascul sighed but allowed her to do so. He really did not want to start arguing again. He simply treaded forward trying not to think of the possibility of losing his sister to the dark arts.

Erani had her arms crossed tight against her in the chilly air but smiled at Lineron and said, “Jou really shouldn’t pollute my young and impressionable draenei mind, Lineron. Jou never know, I may just take jour advice and run avay to gouge my eyes out to become a demon hunter…. Not that I have ever considered it. Nope. Never.” The she looked at Carinoth and frowned. “Aw… Jou vere cuter in jour normal form.”
“Oh please,” Zpan laughed at Ascul's comment about Erani's supposed weight-gain, “That's not fat – that's muscle. I speak from experience!”

Maj peered out from the volumes of the large cloak Zpan had wrapped around her, watching Carinoth cast his shadow form. “...does that...hurt?”

Glancing at Ascul as he helped his sister back to her feet, she made a thoughtful sound. “Maj is learning that – she's not very good at casting it on others though. seem nice enough, far better then most of her teachers back in Stormwind, so if you send her any pointers, I know she'd appreciate it since you won't be insulting her while you do it.”

A frown crossed her face, and she curled a lip to bare her unnaturally sharp teeth. “I ever see that jerk Belseme near her again...” She trailed off muttering something about a paladin and the various sadistic things she'd like to do to him.

The shimmer on the path and the yowl caught her attention and she stared at the shimmer, able to make out the form of a large cat. That wasn't the one that was with the Draenei hunter, but certainly wasn’t acting hostile...
The amount of skin that was visible on Carinoth's face actually turned into a light purple shade at Erani's comment. 'She thought I looked cute?' Lineron poked his face repeatedly and snickered.
"I didn't know you could blush in shadow form." Carinoth straightened then immediately slapped his hand away and started hitting him with his staff.
"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Carinoth continually yelled at his uncle. After being hit several times all over his body he finally had enough and grabbed the staff.
"Oh, calm down. You need to find a girl anyway seeing as your the only one in our family that is actually alive after all." He looked at Erani and smiled then looked back and Carinoth. "You can't have her though. I like tails." Carinoth immediately face palmed and dragged it down his face.
"Nothing works down idiot. I swear you are going to kill me with the sheer amounts of idiocy that is radiating off of you!" Lineron smiled insanely at his nephew then leaned into his ear and whispered "I make your suffering into a condensed liquid then make it into my martini's." Lineron fell back on his back while pointing and laughing at his nephew. Carinoth simply started seething with anger with shadow energy actually started forming into tendrils that wiggled away from him.
'I need someone intelligent to talk to......or I might just go into a shadow energy fueled rage.'

“...does that...hurt?”

Carinoth turned his head slowly towards Maj and met her eyes. 'She and her sister.....okay maybe just her, may save me from going insane due to stupidity.' Carinoth walked next to Maj and looked down at her with a blank look. "My shadow form does not harm me in anyway. But when a person first starts using they tend to feel rather light. But you get used to it. Also hearing your own voice echo is a little disorienting." He leaned down and met her eyes with his glowing purple ones. "The shadows are easily manipulated. Just as the Light is., only the reward from using the shadows is so much more." He said as his voice echoed ominously.
The wind tore at them without mercy, temperatures dipping even as the cloud cover moved in. Snow swirled through the air becoming thicker as they made their way down the faint trail. The crunch of footsteps faded as the snow deepened in powder. Within a half hours time that seemed forever, visibility dropped down to a few feet in front of their noses.

Sounds were muffled by the heavily falling snow. If they were all lucky they could see or hear each other. Keeping track of the few magic users who gave off some heat through their magic might be life saving.

It seemed like the yowl of the cat got even more mournful. As they stumbled through the deep snow the cat appeared in front of Miles. Yawning and stretching in front of the battlemage the cat regarded him with faintly glowing blue eyes. Moving forward to sniff at the mage then rubbing his huge head on the man's hand. The deep fur of the cat was mostly white with faint spots in a pattern across his back.

Chevas did not stay long as he had been given a task. Turning away from the scratching hand of Alder, the cat moved slowly through the drifts. Occationally he would look back to make sure they all followed. He led them into the trees and the snow slowly stopped falling as they made their way down a trail the cat seemed to be following. Trees as tall as hundreds of feet towered above them in places. Their trunks were huge enough to carve a home inside if they wanted to.
“Hey there.” Miles ruffled the big cat's head as it nuzzled his hand, adopting a soothing voice. “So what are you doing out here, big guy?” The battlemage looked around the rapidly worsening storm, raising his unoccupied hand and conjuring a swirling flame around it, illuminating the gloom and providing a beacon for any other group members that had gotten lost. Varen followed Chevas, hoping that the rest of the group was following him, and kept a hand on his cursed gladius as they started to walk through the imposing forest.

“Follow me!” he yelled into the storm as best he could, keeping the large cat in sight at all times. The battlemage shot a column of coruscating red lightning into the air, lighting up the forest and the storm in a manner that the rest of the group could see. Varen continued walking on, trusting that Chevas would not lead them into an ambush knowingly or otherwise.
The snowstorm started to pick up. The wind was starting to blow stronger and harder with snow buffeting against Carinoth. "We must move on. Hope fully we can find this Lich and move on." Lineron stood back up and looked at Carinoth.
"Indeed, lets go. I am led to believe from all the frosty's in the Ebon Blade that frozen body parts are annoying to deal with." He looked back at Erani and smiled kindly. "Lets try and not get lost. Try and stay close." He glanced over at Ascul and put on a blank face. "Even you, Ascul." Lineron motioned for Carinoth to come over where they are. "If you get lost and hear this" Lineron placed his fist next to his mouth and a phantasmal horn appeared in it, which he then blew with the sound echoing all around them. "Then try and follow the sound." Carinoth stared at him with confusion. "What? Some frost spells are actually some what useful." Carinoth rolled his eyes then started trudging his way down the mountain. Lineron looked back at Erani and Ascul and smiled. "Remember stay close to someone. We don't want the Baron taking one of us." Lineron winked at Erani then started trudged through the snow next to Carinoth and started walking down the mountain.

"Damn, this snow! Its getting in my boots...." Lineron always hated the snow (considering he is a Death Knight it is also ironic). The snow would always somehow find its way into his boots or gloves and melt causing the water to feel incredibly annoying. Carinoth smirked underneath his hat.
"Hopefully a limb doesn't freeze. I don't feel like getting you another one." If Carinoth was going to freeze to death he was going to make it as miserable for his uncle until it happens.

“Follow me!”

The battle-mage yelled to make sure people were following him. "Of all the people to follow...." Lineron muttered. The man just radiated the arrogance and prideful nature of nobility. Lineron's family had always despised the nobility of Silvermoon. Maybe the nobility of other nations were different? He didn't care, besides its fun seeing them get all annoyed and angry. Almost as fun as seeing Light-wielders get annoyed whenever either he or Carinoth used unholy or shadow magic. "No, we are just going stay back here and freeze to death! We will totally do that!" Lineron yelled back with obvious annoyance in his voice. Lineron raised his hand in the air and the phantasmal horn formed again. He raised it to his lips and blew it causing the sound to echo all around them.
"Ever think that maybe there are other things on this mountain besides us? Maybe something that wanted to kill us or the others?" Carinoth said, scolding his uncle. Lineron rolled his eyes as the continued trudging on. Eventually they had reached a part of the trail where the snow fall had lessened and tree's started appearing. Lineron whistled in amazement at the sight.
"Damn, where the fel are we? Grizzly Hills?" Lineron sniffed the air as they walked. "Well it doesn't have the usual smell of fresh smell of pine tree's, Worgen dung, and blood of orcs and humans killing each other in a pointless war." He stated as he and his nephew walked along the path.
“Of course. I vould be more than villing to assist in her training.” He looked down then smiled warmly to Maj. “I know just how… ineffectual some of the mentors in Stormwind can be. If there is anyone more suited to train jou in the vays of the Light, youngling, it is the draenei people. If jou vould like, perhaps I could take jou to the Exodar sometime? I know excellent mentors there who vould be happy to train jou. And they are certainly more kind.”
The cat’s yowling caught his attention. Watching it warily, he pressed onward. As the storm quickly became more violent, Ascul activated the glowing rune on his forehead so others might be guided by the light. He instructed Maj and Zpan to stay close to him as he raised his forearm to protect him from the snow.

He heard Lineron say something to his sister about staying close then grumbled irritably when he turned to him and said, “Even you Ascul.”

He began to shiver in the miserable weather as he pressed onward, one heavy hoof after the next.

Erani giggled a bit at the sight of Carinoth blushing. He was even cuter than she previously thought. She laughed even harder when Lineron ‘claimed’ her with the comment about liking her tail.

“Boy, boys, there is plenty of me to go around!” she said with a sly grin. “And jour blushing only makes you look cuter Carinoth.”

When the storm began to pick up, Lineron instructed her to stay close. Erani wrapped her arms around one of his and said, “How is this?” with a wry smile as she began to follow him.
She would look back periodically to make sure her brother and the others were following them. She too activated her own rune as a beacon of light to the others. The journey was miserable and Erani had little means to keep herself warm. Her bare hooves were sinking into the snow, soaking her pants. Snow was getting stuck in her hair and she had to squint to see where she was going. She probably would have gotten lost if she hadn’t decided to snag Lineron’s arm.

By the time they had gotten to the other side, she was shaking rather harshly. “I-I c-cannot f-feel …M-my hooves….” She said through chattering teeth.

Ascul wasn’t faring much better. His tail, which had been dragging in the snow, had turned a much darker blue than his usual tint. It burned slightly and he could no longer control half of it. He knew he had gotten frostbite. How severe it was, he couldn’t be sure but he hoped it hadn’t gotten to the point that he couldn’t heal it with his Light magic. Leaning over, and shakily picking it up, he examined the damage, then went to check on his sister who was a shivering wreck. Both of their hooves looked like they had been frostbitten as well.
“Of course. I vould be more than villing to assist in her training.” He looked down then smiled warmly to Maj. “I know just how… ineffectual some of the mentors in Stormwind can be. If there is anyone more suited to train jou in the vays of the Light, youngling, it is the Draenei people. If jou vould like, perhaps I could take jou to the Exodar sometime? I know excellent mentors there who vould be happy to train jou. And they are certainly more kind.”

Maj blushed hotly as she looked down at the small simian curled against her chest. “'ll be something to think about...”

“I can arrange it,” Zpan said, her breath puffing out as the group gathered up, huddling to share warmth and to keep from being separated. “It'd be a couple boat rides, but you'd be going through Alliance-run ports and not anything Goblin-run. I've worked with them well enough to know I'm not letting you near any of their operations. You'll have a chance to see Darnassus that way.”

The wind and storm picking up made further conversation impossible. The strength of the wind and the fact she was still learning to levitate herself made Maj wary to use the spell to skim over the top of the snow to prevent frostbite. The small monkey shivered against her chest where he was securely tucked under the large cloak that now dragged behind the young teen's small form. She walked behind Ascul, mindful to keep from stepping on his tail and Zpan kept an iron grip on her shoulder.

She was almost afraid to glance back to her sister – that mail she wore probably made the cold worse for her... Gathering her courage, she glanced back; she could see the mercenary steadfastly marching on, using the halberd more as a walking staff to balance herself. Snow was matted to the older teen's eyelashes and her stoically set face was an unhealthy white.

The thin leather and silk of her boots and dress were soaked from the soles of her feet to well up past her knees and was spreading. Her toes...she really couldn't feel them; the teen heard Erani's comment about being unable to feel her hooves and saw Ascul inspecting his tail.

“We need shelter and to get warm before we start losing our bits,” Zpan said to their self-appointed leader through stiff, chapped lips.
The woods echoed with the chittering of monkeys. The wind was blocked by the multitude of trees and smaller saplings. The swishing tail and glowing blue eyes of Chevas marked a trail through the brush. He stopped often and made sure they were following. A subtle purr was heard if you walked close to him.

The monkey's made fun of the travelers as they bounded through the trees and called out in their chittering voices. An occational nut or small limb fell from the trees, though it was uncertain if it was intentional or just happenstance. They avoided Chevas entirely as he made it a point to look up into the trees and lick his chops.

Off in the distance, a faint glow could be seen. It might be a fire in the woods or a torch lit for a signal. Chevas seemed to be headed towards it at times, yet he followed a trail that was dim and wound around in a curious fashion.

As they traversed the forest, Chevas stopped at one point and became very alert. His hackles raised and he growled a warning. In the bushes ahead a stirring of foliage soon parted and a deep red cat stepped out into the path. His eyes glowed golden and his fur stood on end as he glared at Chevas. Black stripes decorated his face and body. He was a wild cat from the area and might make a good pet for whoever wanted to tame him.

Chevas faced him and growled, standing his ground in warning. The red tiger came no closer as he sniffed the air and studied the people coming down the trail.
The wind blocked by the trees helped immensely. Pulling on her mana, which was restored to its normal levels, Maj sent healing energies through her body and that of the small simian nestled in against her. Turning, she reached out and placed a hand on her sister's arm and flinched at the icy chill of the mercenary's mail that burned her hand. Sending the healing energy into her sister she was relieved to see Zpan moving less stiffly. Bolstered by the enchantments of her dress and staff, Maj noticed her mana wasn't as drained as it would be by now.

The young Novice moved forward, applying healing energy to Ascul's tail; as long as she was able to pull on the Light without exhausting herself, she would. Peering out from the cloak, the simian chittered softly, peering at his much larger cousins hidden up in the trees. The fact the large cat and battlemage stopped ad the quiet that settled over the forest had Maj blinking, looking forward to see...the large tiger that had just halted their progression.

Uneasy, the simian in her arms screeched, trying to pull the cloak over his head. The sound attracted the large stripped predator's attention; powerful muscles coiled and even as he sprung forward, there was a blur passing by Maj, by the rest. The large cat they had been following had spun to intercept the lunging tiger...when the blur slammed into the tiger with a bestial snarling.

“Don't interfere,” Maj called out the others as they shifted in surprise, ready to spring forward to kill the tiger.

The monkeys in the trees screamed as the tiger rose to his feet and stared at the mail-clad figure that was in a low, crouching position; the posture she had, moving on all fours was more like that of a Worgen then a human. They circled one another warily, trading snarls and growls, swiping tentatively. Baring her inhumanly sharp teeth, Zpan roared at the tiger, charging in aggressively. The hunter was still feral to her core and now she was establishing her dominance over the tiger.

Maj stared; this was the first time she had seen her sister go head to head with a fully-grown animal that size – under normal circumstances, her sister would take cubs and raise them up. The way she was moving reminded the novice of the cat Zpan was currently grappling with. She winced when the cat was body-slammed to the forest floor. The two clashed again and again and each time the tiger was slammed down to the forest floor until dominance was established and he rolled to bare his belly in submission.

The entire encounter had taken at most a couple of tense moments and now Zpan rose up to her feet, her head falling back as she roared in triumph to the forest, causing the monkeys in nearby trees to scream as they scattered. Snorting, she turned back to the group rejoining them with the red tiger slinking beside her.

The Novice blinked down at the newcomer to the party, who was eyeing the uneasy monkey like he was dinner. Baring deadly fangs, the tiger made a growling sound....and was rapped on the skull and received a warning snarl from the mercenary. Sulking, the tiger made a huffing sound; the little runt of a monkey wouldn't make a decent mouthful anyway...
Carinoth had started rubbing his arms to try and get some extra warmth. "U-u-uncle.....maybe you could use b-b-blood boil? Make us atleast a little but warmer." Lineron turned his head to his nephew and chuckled at him.
"Its called Blood Boil for a reason Carinoth. It would more then likely cause your entire body to have third degree burns. Which, to the living I hear is supposed to be very painful." He glanced at Erani, who was still holding his arm, and frowned. "I am sorry, I cannot do anything. Hopefully we will be out of the snow soon." Conveniently they soon actually made it into a forest which blocked most of the wind and the snow also slowly started falling less and less. But then a tiger showed up. Lineron growled at the animal and created a orb of unholy energy in his hand.

“Don't interfere,”

Lineron and Carinoth looked at Maj with raised eyebrows of confusion. Then they simply watched Zpan wrestle the tiger to the ground. As Lineron looked on Carinoth started hearing a cawing coming from above him. "The fel?" He mumbled then looked up to see a raven flying over him. Not just a ordinary rave, but a raven made of pure shadow Carinoth whistled for it to come down and it landed on the back of his hand. He closed his eyes as he looked into the raven and saw Kayvaan looking at them. "Ah, I see. You better hurry Kayvaan. I will try to slow them, but we do need to hurry or risk losing our guide here." He said to the raven then sent it flying off back to its master. Carinoth jumped when Zpan roared in her victory of taming a tiger.
"Oh, quit being a scaredy cat. otherwise the tiger might sense your fear and try to kill you." Lineron said to his nephew. He turned his head to Erani and smirked. "Are feeling any better, Erani? Now that we are in slightly warmer weather?"
"Great." Varen muttered under his breath as Zpan started wrestling with a tiger, his voice gradually rising in pitch and volume. "Just... perfect. Psychopathic mercenaries, insane Death Knights, unstable inexperienced and incredibly arrogant young magic users, and people that just will not quit whining! I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ON VACATION! I ALREADY HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS WHEN I'M WORKING!" he shouted in an entreaty to the branch-concealed sky above, his arms raised over his head. "For the Light's sake, is it too much to ask for one week -one measly little week- where I am not dealing with with some ancient horror, a motley crew of incessantly bickering pseudo-criminals with the apparent emotional maturity of a band of four-year-olds, or some other threat that requires my immediate and personal attention?!"

The battlemage calmed himself down slightly. Slightly.

"You want to avoid frostbite, here!" A cluster of five magical fires sprang up around the group: they were medium-sized, and arranged so that the warmth they provided would overlap. Several smaller fires are much more effective at warming an area up than one single, large fire. Miles pulled out a set of ration bars and put them on a newly thawed log. "Here are some ration packs. They taste vile, but they'll give your bodies something to metabolize. Stay here while I follow Chevas to Gretchen's cabin. Maybe Matthias and Sefarra have made it to there by now. If you see or hear anything from my direction, I am almost certainly fighting something. The fires will sustain themselves for quite a while, and they'll burn even longer if you fuel them."

Varen walked out of the circle of firelight and gestured for Chevas to lead the way.
With more than a little trepidation, Alviira looked at the glowing teleporter. Glancing back to Yentylla she marvelled at the power needed to not only heal and telepathically communicate but to hold a portal open indefinutely. She had no desire to tangle with this one.

Clearing her throat she eyed Aellarian and nodded to him. "Yes, let's just get ourselves out of here. I have a feeling worse things are in store. She mentioned wind and snow. Here is a cape I picked up from the last chest. It's wool and large enough to cover you head to toe, must have been made for a tauren." she pulled the warm cloak out of her satchel she had aquired in the chest and handed it to him. She had another one a bit smaller that had a hood on it.

Giving one last look at the spider, she waited until Draelin had donned the cloak and then stepped through the portal. The blast of wind and snow hit her immediately and nearly knocked her over. Wrapping the cloak around her tightly she frowned a moment and then sudden realization made her grin, her magic was back! Not completely, but most of it seemed ready to be called forth. Immediately she cast a fire sheild, its heat radiating around her in a good five foot radious.

As soon as Draelin stepped through she called out to him through the wind, "Stay close to me dear, this wind has a terrible bite to it!" smiling as she turned to see the others starting out down the mountain.

They made their way down the trail and tried staying close together, it was hard with the drifting snow, but they managed to catch the others and were glad of the forest blocking the wind and snow. When she saw Chevas she nearly had a heart attack. The telltale signs of a witches familiar made her wonder if Miles was aware of it. The softly glowing eyes and the ghostly outline surrounding his form made it clear to her.

The red tiger startled her and she was glad there was an animal trainer in the group. Seeing Zpan tame the beast was a marvel. "You are truly gifted in your skills, hunter. It is a fine beast. I do hope that there are not a lot more of them around." she looked around warily.

Miles made some outlandish speech and cast a group of fires around the group. Alviira felt her hackles raise at being addressed this way and not for the first time inwardly branded him as Trouble. She sneered at the rations and gathered her arcane magic. It was a bountiful feast she conjured, complete with steaming soup and bowls with spoons. A hearty meal and not the crumbling energy bars he cast down to them like they were dogs needing a treat. "My friends, you need some hot rations and not that dog biscuit he left. Eat hearty and warm up. I do not know how much further we need to go, but we all need sustenance to keep going." She helped herself to the stew and tea, not waiting for the others, but hoping they would appreciate the gesture.

Alviira watched as Miles stalked away after Chevas. She could see the glow beyond them and surmised that is where they were headed. The faint pull of a ley line throbbed beneath the ground and Alviira felt its siren call. A smile spread across her features as she mentally traced it to the center of a web of lines radiating from a hub in the forest. "I think I can safely guide us to the cabin, I do believe the magic radiating from there will be this Gretchen. A very powerful mage from what I can gather. Though it seems odd to me...that between the spider and this one...that they have not managed to destroy the Baron by now." her smile faded. Her thoughts turned inwards, what was it they would be facing? What kind of power did this Baron have and what were his weaknesses?
Ascul smiled gratefully at Maj when she healed his tail. “Thank you, little one,” he said with a quick bow of his head as he felt feeling return to the dormant nerves. He experimentally curled it back and forth to be sure is was under his control again before walking over to Erani to heal her hooves. He paused when he spotted the tiger and stared blankly when Zpan went feral and began wresting with the beast like a wild animal. Holy energy began to gather at his palm as he prepared to fight off the animal. Erani had much the same reaction. Her teeth were bared. Her hand had dropped to her sword and she released Lineron’s arm to ready her buckler.

“Don’t interfere,” said Maj. Both Ascul and Erani looked to her as though she were insane. It wasn’t long before The two draenei heard Zpan release a roar of triumph after the subdued the tiger. Erani blinked. “Vell that vas… wow,” were all she managed to say. Lineron turned to Erani "Are feeling any better, Erani? Now that we are in slightly warmer weather?"

Erani nodded and smiled softly at him. “A bit. Thank you.” Her hooves were now aching as they were slowly being thawed making it more and more painful to stand, but at least she could feel them now. Ascul approached her noticing she was in pain. “Let me heal the damage, sister,” he said to her.

Erani nodded, “Of course.”

Then Varen went a bit ballistic and began yelling at all of them then set up a huge fire area before leaving with the cat that they had been following. Well, it was a chance to rest at least. Erani found her place and sat in the warmth. Ascul knelt next to her and began applying the healing energy to her hooves, then himself, just before Alviira summoned a bountiful feast for them to enjoy. Ascul looked on, his mouth beginning to water when he remembered he had almost nothing in his stomach save for half of a mana-cake... which he had probably eaten yesterday for all he knew.
"You are truly gifted in your skills, hunter. It is a fine beast. I do hope that there are not a lot more of them around." Alviira said to the mercenary while she looked around warily.

“If there are, we can deal with them better. Right, Blood?” she scratched at the red tigers jowls, eliciting and rumbling not-growl from the massive beast. “

And then the battle-mage had his temper-tantrum. He must be one of those uppity nobles... How she loathed nobles...

Zpan glared at the battle-mage as he stalked off, a hand on the broad head of the newly tamed tiger that growled, picking up on the annoyance of the hunter and rest of the group. “If anyone's arrogant and whiny and inexperienced, I'd have to say its him. He wanted to be leader, but not take care of the health and well-being of his subordinates? Hmph. Of all the people I've had to work for and with? I'm ranking him at the bottom.”

The young Novice perked up at the bounty Alviira had summoned – hot soup sounded wonderful right now, she still felt so cold. “Oh thank you! This will be just what everyone needs.”

"I think I can safely guide us to the cabin, I do believe the magic radiating from there will be this Gretchen. A very powerful mage from what I can gather. Though it seems odd to me...that between the spider and this one...that they have not managed to destroy the Baron by now."

Tilting her head to study the Sin'dorei mage Zpan made a thoughtful sound, even as Maj was bustling about and passing out food and drink to the others. “There's many possibilities for that – the two that come to me most strongly is they either have some sort of arrangement with him or...he could hold something that is dear to them hostage. Whatever the case, we cannot count on any help from them when we battle the Baron.”

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