484 Druid 16/16 knowledge LF Raid team

I Know 16/16. I am currently Resto/boom OS right now, I have tanked raids in the past as well, so i'm willing to gear any spec. Also have a Priest and a Hunter at lvl 90. I'm looking for a team that's at least 10/16 and raids in the evenings starting 9pm or later.

Contact me at TrueThreat#1508
Would you be willing to join a 9/16 guild? should be 10/16 after this week if not more. <We Go Outside> just xfered to thrall and we are looking for a healer for a core spot. We raid tues-thur 9pm-midnight server. Hit me up in game (Moosh#1801) or on here. Thanks
Cor Na Cinn <9/16> freshly transfered to thrall today we are recruiting an exceptional healer with a good dps os for our solid core team! hit me up in game or BTag me at ( James#11304)! We raid fri-sun 7-11 server.
Reported is looking for either 1 tank or 1 dps/heals. We're a semi hardcore group made up of ppl who are mostly 16/16 with a few HMs but starting on new toons. So once we gear up ppl etc should get somewhere. I've added you on realID.
Dosier, have you found yourself a guild yet? We are in need of a resto druid to take a permanent slot in our 10-man group. We raid Friday and Sunday nights, 8:30-11:30 server (eastern).

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