The best just got better. UI by Blacksad!

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There you are folks! The greatest UI comp put together by our very own blacksad has just been made even better. Updated with all sorts of new features and awesomeness. Full of great custom Weak Auras and hidden bars this UI has everything for a good Rogue to be great!!

Check out the screenies on the download page for more info. Showcases some of the great improvements like combo pt display including anticipation pts etc. Great for PVE or PVP with alerts preset for all sorts of great stuff.

Big thanks to the great and powerful Blacksad!!
This looks pretty.

I might try it.
Hey, you made a post about it before even I did! lol Thanks, sir.

Yeah, I updated many auras and the unit frames, along with lots of other things.

Everything is clean and efficient, and works right out of the box for both PvE/PvP. Pretty cool visually, and very functional.

I haven't had time to take many good screenshots or make a video, but will soon.
If anyone has any questions, I'm always glad to help.
That is ridiculously minimalist. My word.

How is it on resources and gadgets?

I use elvui since its all in one for everything I need.

Edit: I did not see the large list of included addons. Silly me.
It has pretty much everything you need for Raiding and PvP. Any vanity addons, like Atlasloot or whatnot I removed.

It's pretty small on memory, I think it uses 17mb or less. I consolidate addons to do multiple jobs. Example: Weakauras does it's normal warnings, but also does all buffs/debuffs, Combo Points, Anticipation Points, Execute Warning, Low Health Warning, and more.

It has a lot of cool stuff you can't see in screen shots, like 3d animations for every finisher and major cooldown. It also has above nameplate icons for CC in PvP, and a bunch of other frills. I balanced the minimal look by adding other visual effects, so it's clean and doesn't look tacky or cluttered.

The only "hefty" addon is Vudhoo, which I use for Raid frames. You can middle click on a target to focus, left click to tricks, right click to target on the frames. If you want something more minimal, there are certainly other options, and would bring the memory use down to about 13mb.

I just like how Vudhoo changes automatically upon party size, and resizes accordingly.

So, by making the most efficient use of what's there, it does more with less.
Just installed it, my screen is a mess, and typing /reflux switch Blk_UI does nothing.
Do you play at 1920x1080 resolution?

Did you follow the installation instructions and remove the previous WTF/Interface folders?

Let me know, if there's an issue I'd like to fix it.

Did you install it without issue Aedrik?
Yeah, I do play at that Resu. Retrying again. Hope it works this time :P
Nope. This is what it looks like.
Ok, let me know how it goes. It should work fine, it's the same installation process from every previous version of the UI, which worked without issue.

Edit: Okay, looks like Bartender and Sexymap aren't setting their profiles correctly.

You can go in manually and pick the profile Blk_UI or BlkUI, and they should apply. I'll start working on a fix for it, shouldn't take long. Thanks for the heads up.
I would like to thank Blacksad for making this addon and sharing it to everyone. I would like to ask if there's a way to add more action bars? I noticed from the screen shots that there were only 10 which is really nice to look at. It's just that I have lots of stuffs in my action bars. Thanks in advance.
If you press the little button down by the Skada meter (bottom right) it pops up your action bars. The main bar on the bottom of the screen is for major CDs and other important things. Minor items will be tracked by the cooldown line that appears above these.

It's meant to be played without your bars showing, which takes a day or two to get used to. (but makes you much more efficient when you do.)

If you need to remap hotkeys, just pop up the bars and slap on whatever you want on certain buttons. I often do this for specific encounters, or when I change my talents in PvP.
ahhhh ok ill go try it out. thanks again
Thanks for helping me out, Blacksad. Now it looks awesome!!
01/28/2013 05:08 PMPosted by Jáx
Thanks for helping me out, Blacksad. Now it looks awesome!!

NP man, glad it worked out! Thanks for your patience. Sorry, Sexymap was updated recently, and I must have forgotten to fix it for other people to use out of the box. I'll make sure to fix it so other people don't encounter the same issue.

FYI: If you want to use the combo points as chi instead with the same look, simply /WA, and change CP1-CP5 trigger to "Chi" instead of "Combo Point". It will look and work the exact same.
This is just my other char, I'm using this on a rogue atm. Any idea what this giant white box is that keeps popping up?
Or why I can't seem to get keybinds working for bartender bar 1
Fixed the action bar thing ;D
The white box comes up if the quartz enemy cast bar is at 100% opacity for some reason. Put it at 99%. Thought that setting would take also. :/ I'll fix that as well.
Thought it was my videocard, haha. Thanks again! Sorry for all the questions, but never have done addons before :P. Is there any way to display current debuffs on myself, or are they already shown and I just don't see them?
That's pretty awesome Blacksad.

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