<Highborne> is recruiting for 10M content.

Highborne is recruiting for 3 day MoP Regular 10M raiding progression
Current progression after 2 weeks raiding 5/16 normal mode

Our current raiding schedule is Tues-Thur 8:00pm-11:00pm EST.
We are looking for dedicated raiders who don’t want to raid at the bleeding edge but do want to progress to help push the guild further into raid content. We are new to the server, having transferred as a guild the last week of January.

We expect our players come to raid fully enchanted, rare gems /w belt buckle regardless of ilvl, 300 stat food and flasks are needed. Feasts will be provided while learning mechanics but 300 food is required when nearing in on kills.
Prior fight research is required; do not come to raid expecting to have the entire fight explained to you. YouTube and other resources are quick and easy to find and much better then walking in blind
Gear is distributed through Need before Greed rolls for Raiders.
Raid communication is done through Vent

We are a fun/social guild that has raided together for the past few years. Most of us are in our late 20s to early 40s, married, and have active work/social lives so we like to nerd out when we are online and appreciate the players that show up on time ready to go.

We are open to any classes which may benefit the raid even if it is something we appear to already have.
Current priority is (but not limited to) the following:

Resto Shaman
2 “casual” raiders to act as subs when needed (this will be frequently)

Contact us in game @ Kuthaiga or Kelì (GM)
Battletag: Eight#1245 or Kelì#1619
We are wanting more consistent raiders. We are looking to go into 25 man at some point in the future. So we are recruiting recruiting recruiting. :) The more people we can get now the faster we can get to it. Tanks, Dps and Healers all welcome.

We also welcome lower levels.

Oh and our raid days have changed since the original post. They are now Tues, Wed and Fri. 8-11pm server time or eastern however you want to look at it. Every so often we will run a weekend raid.
Still building for our 25 man raids. Looking for 3 more healers, and 11 dps. Of course anyone with a healing off spec or tanking off spec would be great to have to sit in for someone who may be gone.

And as always we are welcoming lower levels.

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