Dark Elite LFM (New to Server)

Hi! I am the GM of a guild that just recently transferred to your server and I was lucky enough to bring a good amount of my core raiders with me who are awesome. Unfortunately, I am missing a couple of my key players and would love to get some people to fill their roles... For our 10 man we are currently in need of:

2-3 dedicated tanks (I will love you forever)
3-4 DPS; and if you have a healing offspec you are a special type of bonus!

Updated 2/15/12:
We have our tanks spot filled, but are still looking for those perfect DPS ( Healing offspec still a plus!)

Of course everyone is welcome to join, but those are what we are looking for in particular. We are currently:

6/6 Vaults
2/6 HoF

Our raid days/times are:
Wed,Thurs, and Sunday from 7:30-10:30/11:00pm server time.

So if you would like to progress with and get to know my group please send a tell to either myself (Clairy), Lilaa, or Vyndaulis! Hope to hear from people soon =)
Free bump

Hi Clairy, welcome to the server :)
Thanks Czenn <3!
lol Risk =) Thanks
Aw, kittens! so cute :)
Now just looking for some great DPS!!! 2-3 (healing OS is extra loved). Hope to hear from some awesome people soon!
Happy Valentines Day Clairy!
Bumping for a decent pug run last night
Aww thanks Czenn <3 Hope you had a great Valentines too! And I had fun with you too Shotbow =)
Fun time running with your guild yesterday.

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