Fellow pallys I need transmog opinions/advice

I'm trying to go for an alliance/SW theme. I still haven't gotten my gloves but what do you think of the rest. Going for a silver/blue/gold looking. It has a paladin feel to me.

I think there are nice gloves in AQ20 which are similar to my boots.

Any feedback?

I like your look, though I have to say the boots feel a little off. With the gloves you mentioned there might be a bit more balance, but as it stands it feels a little off. I like the set though, good choices on weapon and shield too!
Ya I agree about the boots a bit. If the blue was darker like the tabard/shirt/shield it may go better. I do have the boots from the natural remedies quest in hellfire but I kinda wanted yo add more blue/yellow. If I get the AQ20 gloves it nay go better.

What do you think of the lawbringer boots/gloves. I think that's what its called. I do wanna add as much blue/yellow as possible without over doing it

Awesome pieces thanks.
Just go full gold like me!!
Maximillian's Shield is always a great shield for a SW theme.
The imperial plate set makes you essentially look like a stormwind guard. Probably the closest to SW themed ur gonna get :P

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