11/12 T15 25man LF Heals + Ranged

loooking ofr heals
goood evening everyone
goood mornin alll.
i am online for interviews
goood morning all.
I will be getting in touch you guys in-game either later tonight or tomorrow. Feel free to add me to your Battletag list as well (incog#1197).
i am online for itnereviews
looking for heals/dps
i am online for interviews
looking for ranged dps and holy pal
looking for a lock
good night all
good morning all
sweet dreams everyone.
i am online for interviews. so come on down.
goood morning alll.
i am online for interviews
492 afflic/destro lock cleared normal t14 and took a slight break. Do have hm experience in past raid tiers. I'm free to raid m-w
I hear you guys need more fury warriors !!

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