Depth of Despair-OOC-sign ups #3

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Here we go let's see if we can have some nice battles fun here. I have given you all the information you need to get out of the caves. As soon as you finish off this wave of slimes and salamanders and the ghouls, get up the web lifeline and find yourself on the slope above Gretchen's cabin.

It's a safe spot once you get there, you can repait armor and heal up and discover most of your regular magic is back. But you cannot teleport out, the Baron has blocked all teleport spells.
sorry I havent posted in a while. I'll try to post tomorrow morning
I had a post but now I have to rewrite it T_T

*raises hand* I haz a post up as well. *omnoms on cookie*
-_-; geeze, we're never going to get decent gear at this rate....haven't even opened that secret door...
Alviira had Aellarion open it, you have to read his post. Just go for it and grab stuff then head to the rope. I will post in a bit, need sleep. Alviira will get somethings and head out, you can all make a mad dash to the chest, its safe now. Get up the rope. Its kind of like a magical string. as soon as you wrap it around yourself, Yentylla will pull you up and heal you and send you to the portal.
ok. I'll see what I can come up with for a post :d
Posted. I left the end of my post open-ended because I wasn't sure what we were supposed to be seeing up top. Anyway, not sure how frequently I'll be posting, but from this Sunday to the next one I'll be on vacation, so for that time I won't be present at all, just to warn you in advance. Please don't kill me... Q_Q
I gave you guys the means to get out of the cave and a description of what you find, just climb up and make your way down the slopes and meet some yeti and some trolls. I know this thread is getting old, let's finish it up.
long post is long
working on one - been sick the past couple days x.x still not better but I'll see what I can come up with
Are we losing steam people? I guess the Baron will drain all of you and simply bring in a fresh batch..
Been sick the last few days, and had the usual college semester start issues. I'll get a post up at some point.
A lot of us seem to be getting sick or busy with school or whatever. RL happens :/
Applying to the military takes up a lot of my time :/

That, and there's work and school I have to worry about
I know, just saying its fine, I like to tease you guys. I will keep a post a day in it to keep it on front page until you can all get back to it.
I have a couple ideas for posts its more about not being in the bathroom and actually being able to write them.

I have decided that when they encounter the Trolls Zpan is totally going to loot a bow and multiple arrow quivers to bundle into a mega-quiver. Which got me thinking about a possible way to explain why in-game we never have to buy arrows/bullets/ect -- enchanters did it! the arrows/quivers totally are enchanted so the arrows return to the quiver so many minutes after leaving it /nod

So Lineron, if you want the Halberd she's carrying around it's yours when she gets her ranged weapon.

And the monkey totally will be named Fletch for the fact he'll be sitting on her shoulder and supplying her arrows when he's not jumping on heads distracting the Trolls /nod

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