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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Erani: WRONG DRAENEI! WRONG DRAENEI! *dodges blows*
02/22/2013 11:59 AMPosted by Majustu
Ein: why are you fighting Erani? Your opponent is Sefarra... :d

Oops. Will correct. Got 5 hours of sleep and had to get up at 4:30 for PT. Not exactly thinking straight.
Good job all, I think Sefarra will be going down now. You will have Matthias to fight off and I just may bring in the orc. At least a couple of warriors should be able to do some damage.

Too bad they are not here to run their own fights. Alviira is right with you guys I am writing up a post now.
I'm not dead! After an inexcusably long delay, I have posted. I left the end open for my beloved dungeon master to throw an endless variety of dangers in my direction. :D
You are so lucky I have not had time to make you into a zombie...Hmmm let me see...whoelse is missing?

Not going to give you all of them at once. I am still buggin Aellarian.
Yay you decided not to murder me! BTW, only Derek is a worgen, Aevus is human. Anyway, I'll get a pot together real soon. And from the looks of it, you don't have to murder Allerian either :D

Edit: Posted. I left to you the decision as to whether they would find the others or get hopelessly lost. :)
So sorry about not posting, will try to get one up today.
I need to get myself a post up too. I won't have one up tonight but I'll have one up tomorrow morning
I know it's hard sometimes to get online and post. I don't expect a long drawn out post everyday. If you are all losing interest I can just stop posting and let it die.
Its so short, you could punt it like a gnome.

Lineron: *looks at post* ** *le punts it*

Me: Lineron, I am disappoint.
*waiting for Ein to post* >>;
Just a fallback in case the ghoul is immune or resistant to shadow damage

[Guardian Spirit] ftw! wooooooo!
...So I'm guessing nobody's heard from Ein?

Guess not :/
I assume he has either lost connection, lost subscription or just lost interest in the thread. I am going to let it die anyway. It was fun guys. Assume you all got home safe through the magic of Gretchen and carry on.

Thanks everyone for making it fun for all. I am starting a new one soon. Right now busy on the Ravenholdt server. They are CRZ free and desparate for good rpers as well as those who can pvp. It's a nice group of people.
That's probably for the best, this thread is getting far too old.

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